Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pink Halloween

Can you believe it's already Thursday? This week had gone by so quickly and I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday! At my house, we're ready for Halloween and are practically counting down the days. Natalia is going to be a Grecian princess and Alexia is going to be a purple witch. Here is some inspiration for cute, funny, and just plain strange costumes...all in pink! Enjoy!

Everyone at the party will go WILD over this costume.

What could be sweeter than a little girl in a pink tutu? This costume would be in heavy rotation in the dress up box!

When we went to Disney last year, I don't know who was more excited about meeting the pink Power Ranger, the minnies or me!

This little pink poodle will be nice and warm to Trick or Treat on even the coldest night.

As a little girl, I had some major super hero fantasies! I wanted to be a cross between Wonder Woman and Jamie Somers with a car just like the ladies on Charlie's Angels. How cute is this minnie super hero??

And these ladies are just plain cute! I'm waiting for the age when I can do and say whatever I want and get away with it!!


Have a fantastic day!



  1. Love all those costumes! I'm still debating about what I'm going to be...thinking I'll go with a pink dress and pink shoes and be Barbie!

  2. All the pink costumes are cute. My favorite by far is the hot pink bat girl costume. That is just darling!!

  3. Love the tutus...always love the tutus! I'm pretty sure I'm traumatized from not having owned a tutu.
    Great Halloween costume ideas!



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