Monday, October 11, 2010

A Store Within a Store

Friday night was so much fun! I went to Urban Country in Bethesda to celebrate the grand opening of Russell and Mackenna's "store within a store." Russell and Mackenna is a father and daughter team who started this lovely business about 6 years ago. The quality of the furniture is outstanding and it is so durable...little ones can even jump on the bed!

Lauren, founder and Russell and Mackenna designer, is so sweet and has a great sense of style and knows just what parents are looking for in quality furniture for their children. Here she is pictured (in the middle) with Russell and Mackenna flagship store manager, Sarah. Lauren is one of those people who you meet and instantly like. Her vivacious personality and passion for design shines. I could have talked with her for hours!

When I first saw Russell and Mackenna furniture on their website, which is amazing, by the way, I fell instantly in love with the look of it. But seeing the items in person confirmed my opinion 1,000%! Besides the fact that everything is custom made to order, so many of the details are a result of a specific design to suit a need. For example, the little cubby boxes in the desk are the exact size of a cd case or diaper. Everything is organized and in place!

You can choose from over 30 colors and cutouts such as circles, stars, flowers, and fish! Knobs and other embellishments are also available. You're only limited by your own imagination!

Of course, no event is complete without some delicious treats! My girls loooooved the cupcakes!

Check out the gorgeous display for yourself at Urban Country in Bethesda and I think you'll agree; everyone needs a little Russell and Mackenna in their house. Their annual sale is coming in December, so be sure to sign up on their mailing list or facebook fan page to be the first to know the great deals.

In other exciting news, I have the 3 lucky winners of the Silken Thread initial monogram coasters! Bronco Mom, Carole, and Janice please contact me at so that I can forward your information to Laura at the Silken Thread. Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

Happy Monday to you all! Make it a great week!



  1. Aren't Sarah and Lauren wonderful! I am so luckythat their flagship store is right around the corner from my home. A great place to drool :)

  2. Aren't Sarah and Lauren wonderful! I am so luckythat their flagship store is right around the corner from my home. A great place to drool :)

  3. Wow, that is an awesome store! I checked out their website and they have some really beautiful things. How sweet that it's a father-daughter duo!! I love that ;)

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  4. OH MY WOW!!! What an awesome store!!! Love it!

  5. The furniture reminds me of Maine Cottage furniture--love it.

    And thank you re the giveaway.

  6. Who would not love the furniture? Wow, I can think of several places where I could use some help.
    Next order of business, thank you for the giveaway. I will send you an email.
    Many thanks,



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