Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Really Cute Hats

This week, as soon as I opened the package from Deborah at Konjono-Really Cute Hats, my daughters couldn't wait to wear their new hats! Luckily for them, we had a really cold weekend and even had a dusting of snow, so they wore their hats all weekend.

In preppy pink and green, with Maryland crab ribbon, too, these are the most adorable hats!

They truly are Really Cute Hats!

The perfect gift for boys and girls, the Really Cute Hats come in sizes ranging from infants to big kids. My daughters usually complain about hats after a while and don't like to wear them. They kept these soft fleece hats on all day long and said that they were very comfortable over their ears. Of course, the compliments from multiple strangers about the Really Cute Hats probably also motivated them to keep on the hats, too! At least 5 different people stopped to comment.

There are hats in a variety of colors with whimsical ribbons and patterns for boys and girls. One of these hats would make a perfect shower gift for a winter baby. The dolphin and whales on the grosgrain ribbon are so preppy!

An item that I really like from Konjono is the collection of team spirit hats. Stay warm in style at the next game with these hats. Isn't this one perfect for a game in Annapolis?

Thanks, Deborah, for making our cold winter a little bit more colorful and fun! My girls and I love your Really Cute Hats.

Add a pop of color to your child's winter ensemble with a Really Cute Hat!




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