Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shiny Sparkles Inside

While the girls are on break from school, I like to stay busy at home or go to explore museums and other sites. Yesterday, I don’t know who had more fun…the girls or me!

On ebay, there is a man in Kentucky who sells geodes that are guaranteed to be gorgeous when they are opened. It was such a fun activity!

The geodes look like ordinary rocks…

But each one is a unique surprise!

We put them in a large sock one at a time so that the pieces would not make a lot of dust or mess to clean. Then, everyone took turns hitting the rocks with a hammer.

Some were easier to break than others.

In the end, both girls saved their treasures and documented today's experience in a journal. They plan to share this with their classes at school in January. One Maryland Pink and Green reader commented that this would be a suitable activity for boys or girls. Honestly, it's perfect for all ages of boys and girls.

How are my other mommy friends keeping their little ones busy during Christmas break? What is your favorite thing to do with your children?




  1. We used to go to Kentucky for Thanksgiving with my whole family and would pop Geodes too! You brought back such fun memories.

  2. I totally did that as a kid too! So fun!

  3. You always have such fun things for your girls to do! This week, I am setting up play dates (do you still say "play dates" for 9 and 11 yr olds???)!



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