Friday, December 3, 2010

Top 7 Gifts for Girls (and boys!)

Shopping for other people is so much fun for me! Today someone remarked at how much Christmas shopping I have already finished and that I was ahead of schedule. It's not really that I'm ahead of schedule; I simply LOVE buying presents for other people. Some of my favorite people on the list are children. From babies to tweens, it's a blast to buy for little ones.

Here are my top 7 gift recommendations for little girls (and boys!) of all ages.

1. Don't Drop the Ball! is such a fun and exciting game that will delight both boys and girls of all ages. Seriously, even I want to play this game. I'm a huge fan of toys that use brain and muscle instead of batteries. From Chasing Fireflies .

2. Whether it's off to the slumber party or to ballet class, she'll love carrying her things in the Tyrrell Katz ballet beauty bag. It's so chic and pretty. There are many other designs available including cats, dogs, and pirates! Check it out here at a fantastic price.

3. You know that something is truly chic and hip when fashionistas like Carolina Herrera wear it. She donned a Rumba watch on her wrist during fashion week! The newest release of the Rumba watch is a slap band bracelet watch. With a myriad of colors available, you'll find a watch for everyone on your list. I love this! Available here.

4. Do you remember the game Simon from when you were a child? Well, the wobble deck is kind of like Simon, but for your feet. Children and adults will love this game of balance and skill. Suitable for children over 5 who have the body weight and gross motor skills to play this game while having fun. Retails for $50, but get this exciting game here for half price and free shipping!

5. My daughter Alexia loves everything made by Gamewright. Slamwich won an Oppenheimer toy award and is so much fun. It is one of my daughters' favorite games and the decorative tin is too cute. The fast paced sandwich game is appropriate for ages 5+ and helps with hand-eye coordination.

6. Think that a rocking horse is too much of a splurge? Think again! The plush coffee horse rocker from Charm Co. is half price! The horse is so soft and plush and will arrive in perfect condition due to Charm Company's excellent packaging.

7. When my twins were born, a dear friend brought little gifts to the girls all the way from London. Nine years later, Natalia's most adored and treasured possession is Rabbie, the rabbit that crossed the pond. With an array of soft cotton toys in both neutral and gender specific tones, these Kaloo animals are a perfect gift for even the smallest child. Here's a special opportunity to purchase these at an excellent price with free shipping.



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  2. don't drop the ball sounds perfect for my seven year old-always great to get new suggestions. have a great weekend, Barbara



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