Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fashion Icon: Jackie Kennedy

Whether she is at an official event, at home, or on vacation, Jackie Kennedy is always a portrait of understated elegance. She always dressed perfectly for the occasion and was always appropriate.

Jackie knew what clothing best suited her figure and face and used that to her advantage. Many women wear dresses that don't fit or suit their body simply because the item is "in style." Part of Jackie's secret allure was knowing was having a personal style that did not necessarily reflect short lived fashion trends. She was confident.

This picture of Jackie is one of my favorites. She looks cool, elegant, and polished while enjoying an afternoon on a yacht. Who else could pull this off? Certainly not a scantily clad celebrity of the TMZ variety!

Whenever Jackie traveled, she emulated cultural nuances through her wardrobe choices. A carefully tied Hermes scarf won praise from the French while exquisitely embroidered tunics earned respect on other voyages.

Lilly Pulitzer was a former classmate of Jackie's. After Jackie was featured in Life magazine donning one of Lilly's famous shifts, many preppy ladies followed her lead. The Jacqueline dress is one of Lilly Pulitzer's most successful styles.

Pink was one of Jackie's favorite colors. She would often combine it in expected ways, like wearing a pink dress and an orange cardigan.

When in doubt, simple strands of pearls are always the perfect accent to even the most formal outfit.

Emulate Jackie's iconic style and all eyes will be on you, for all the right reasons.


All Pictures from Pinterest


  1. Jackie and I have the same style! :)

  2. I love Jackie!! When in doubt look back & see what she did

  3. i actually didn't know those things about Jackie, but she certainly had style and class!! thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this post, gorgeous pictures.. Jackie is a timeless classic!

  5. There will never be anyone else like her. Classic elegance.

  6. Love this post!! Love her. xoxo

  7. Well that's just great - you don't think my muffin top with the naval piercing would make me 'stand out for all the right reasons?' HHAA!!! I love this post. Very classy.

    And for the record, I absolutely DO NOT have a naval piercing.

  8. Lovely Post! Thank you!


  9. Wonderful post!!! I totally agree. She was so classy! I wear my pearls with everything, even t-shirts! I guess that is a southern thing but I love it!

  10. Strong style... And strong lady!

  11. Strong style... And strong lady!

  12. Wonderful post...such elegance, grace and style. So missed today.



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