Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going, going, GOWN!

Every year I hear about the Running of the Brides at Filene's Basement and love to watch the news coverage of the event. Brides to be and their helpers make a dash to grab as many dresses as possible in the hopes of finding some that work and some to trade with other brides. It's kind of like a Lilly Warehouse Sale!

But you can avoid all of that by shopping at J. Crew's Going, going, gown! event. I know what you're thinking. You are probably not too excited to purchase a bridal gown online. The experience of going to a bridal salon is truly a special one, but many of these gowns from J. Crew are amazing!

Particularly for those peeps who have a trusted seamstress, there's no need to worry about fit. Almost every bride (and bridesmaid) has to get some kind of alterations on a dress and a seamstress you know can easily take care of this. The online sale at J. Crew is a much better alternative to some serious un-ladylike behavior at Filene's Basement. Not to mention the hassle of trying on wedding gowns wearing only a body suit or bikini in aisle 10 in front of everyone and her sister!

Here are some of my favorites:

Shop quickly! This special event ends tonight at midnight!

Where did you buy your wedding gown? What was your experience like?

My experience is somewhat unique because I was living in Mexico, but had my religious ceremony in the United States. I got my gown from Pronovias in Mexico City and fell in love with the dress from the moment I saw it. It was the first and only gown I tried! The sales girls kept suggesting other dresses to try, but I had made my decision in an instant.

The strapless dress had quite a bit of fullness and train and was so bulky and big in the garment bag, that I bought an extra airline seat for my dress to come to D.C. Of course, this was before 9/11 and things were much friendlier in the skies. All of the flight attendants were so kind to me and the dress arrived safely!

Now, my dress is preserved and perhaps one day, one of my girls will want to wear it for her wedding.



  1. These are gorgeous - I have to say that J. Crew's wedding gowns, for the most part, are really lovely. Bought my gown at a local bridal shop. It was the first one I tried on and I fell in love with it. When you know, you know. :)

  2. How funny you mention this. Even though I have been married 29 years and am definitely not in the market for a bridal gown I always like to 'look'. And this years selection is exceptionally elegant.

  3. My wedding gown was Laura Ashley. This was almost 21 years ago! I was married in Barbados which is where my family always vacationed. We also bought a seperate seat for my dress because we didn't want anything to happen to it.
    Those dresses from J. Crew are beautiful! Thanks for the bringing back very happy memories!

  4. What a great sale! I bought my gown at Jeanette's Bride 'N Tux Boutique in Manasses, VA. It was a wonderful experience :) I've been married for almost two years now, but I still love to look at wedding magazines and blogs!

  5. You won't believe this, but when I married the second time, I ordered my dress from J. Crew!!! It was a long ivory sheath. Very Caroline Bessette Kennedy. I loved it and didn't have to alter it one bit! Very prep wedding indeed with my hubby and sons also in VV ties!



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