Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Midnight Noon

The minnies and I rang in the New Year a little bit early this year! The Maryland Science Center’s Midnight Noon was a blast for the littlest partiers on December 31st. When we arrived at 10, there were already so many people at the museum. It was crowded, but manageable and we easily saw all of the exhibits and had time to explore and play.

Of course, we headed straight for the dinosaurs. No visit to the Maryland Science Center is complete for my daughters without digging for bones. Must be the safety goggles or the sand.

Milkshake was truly the main event at Midnight Noon. Tiny people, many of them donning their finest tutus, eagerly waited for the concert to begin. The band truly connected with the children, happily signing autographs after the show. I was really surprised that Milkshake played such a long show! It was really an excellent way to celebrate the New Year, at noon!

Confetti sprinkled the stage and floor after the New Year's Celebration. So much fun!

The bed of nails is a must see at the Maryland Science Center. Alexia told me that it is “scary fun!” It’s even good for adults and I saw many parents enjoying this exhibit as much (or more than!) their minnies.

Mini guests made party hats and noisemakers out of plastic bottles to help ring in the New Year.

My favorite experience was unique and amazing. This man designed a computer program for his Egg Bot that used sharpies to decorate eggs, balls, lightbulbs, and ornaments with elaborate designs. It was so fascinating to watch the Egg Bot at work; some of the designs were incredibly elaborate and took over half an hour to create. The girls each watched in amazement as a Jack O Lantern face was created on their ping pong ball. I could have watched this all day!

The museum is currently hosting a special exhibit called Odyssey Shipwreck! It was especially exciting to experience a simulated hurricane. This was a fairly low category storm simulation and it looked VERY rough!

It's never too early to start to plan for next year! I highly recommend Midnight Noon at the Maryland Science Center. It's a family friendly event that is fun for all ages. Of course, this museum is simply too much fun to wait an entire year to visit! An excellent option in the near future is the IMAX festival or Who Dunnit Day.

Happy New Year!



  1. What a GREAT idea!! That is so cool and looked like so much fun. Not just for the mini's but for Mom, too.

    Hope you had a good Christmas.

  2. What a great way for kids to celebrate.



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