Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pop Goes the Lilly

Tomorrow Lilly Pulitzer celebrates the release of their new spring collection. The first delivery in the collection begins with a pop. Pop Art inspired, that is. Vibrant colors, some of which are not the typical Lilly colors, and bold prints characterize this collection. Remember how much I loved the purple Shere? Look for lots more purple this spring!

Andy Warhol would be so proud to see Lilly re-visit some of the trends that were popular several decades ago when Pop Art was the rage! The minnies and I loved seeing this in person when we recently visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York. We spent the longest time looking at each one of the cans and the differences between them. So amazing.

Edie Sedgwick was Andy Warhol’s famous muse. A socialite, actress, and heiress, she is one of my favorite style icons and surely would have loved all of the new Lilly in the new spring collection.

Some of Andy Warhol's most well known work includes paintings of famous people that were created using photographs and other notes. Here's Queen Elizabeth II...

And Jackie Kennedy...

And the minnies...Just kidding! But this was so much fun to create.

Hopefully, this little bit of eye candy has you looking forward to the new spring Lilly. Want to make your own Warhol-ized picture? It's easy! Click here to turn your favorite picture into a Pop Art creation.

Enjoy your day!


Images from Lilly Pulitzer's blog, my Pinterest as well as my personal files.


  1. Fun seeing your Minnies "Warholized."

  2. Just finished playing on that site... Big fun! I'm afraid I may be addicted!



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