Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rescheduling Priorities AKA Rue La La Sale

What are you going to be doing today at 10:59? If you're a Lilly lover, you should be sitting at your computer with your browser open to Rue La La. Lilly Pulitzer is going to be featured today and promises to be a fantastic sale.

Normally at 11:00 on a Sunday, I would be finishing up church and Sunday School, while waiting for the minnies to finish their Children's Choir practice. But everything is working out today for me! Choir practice has been cancelled and the girls are going snow tubing with their grandfather right after Sunday School. That means that I'll be able to leave church and be ready for the sale!

You may wonder why it's important for me to be on the computer at exactly 11:00. Some of the items on Rue La La sell out in minutes! It's quite a frenzy. Rue La La is a members only website offering brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Tibi, and more. Here's your invitation!

So what might be featured at today's sale? Rue La La only has one preview page for the sale unlike previous Lilly sales that had an album. The preview shows the Ten Ton original minnies shift, a favorite in my minnies' wardrobe. I'm thinking other originals prints will be included.

What's on my wish list? I'd love to get a toile shift for the minnies and a Roe one shouldered top for myself. Be sure to read my tips for getting exactly what you want on Rue La La.

Please post a comment here after the sale and let me know what you found. I'll update this post later in the afternoon with more scoop. Happy Shopping!



  1. Thanks so much for the notice!! I'll be on the site at 10:59! Best of luck to you!

  2. It is meant to be for you today, with your cancelation! Hope you score big :) ... we are going to church at 6pm this evening so I am hoping to find a few Lilly's too.

  3. Rescheduled our family skiing for later today... Hoping for a Briddie. Happy shopping!!

  4. Of course I will be at church. Perhaps between Sunday School and church I can check things out with my Rue La La app! LOL

  5. have been dying to get my hands on some new LP all weekend!! :) can't wait for 10:59

  6. commenting again... I was so disappointed in the sale... what about you?

  7. I didn't see too much I wanted unfortunately! I did pick up the Betsey dress though, which I've wanted for awhile!

  8. I was so excited for the sale and then so disappointed that I didn't see anything that I wanted. I've seen better prices in store for those pieces as well.

  9. I was planning to use the app on my phone after dropping my youngest at the church nursery ;) However, both the younger ones were sniffly/coughing today and the weather was just icky here so we opted to keep them home. I was sitting, coffee in hand, in front of the computer at 9:59 (I am in CST) and bought NOTHING! I was bummed, I had heard Fresh Catch would be on there. Oh well. I did score some sweaters on Re-Lilly this afternoon!



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