Monday, January 17, 2011

Rue La La Review

To say I was disappointed in the Lilly Pulitzer sale on Rue La La would be a huge understatement. When I logged on at 11:00, I immediately hit the "see all" button looking for some of the beautiful toile print. Not only was the toile absent, I was not really impressed with the selection for women at all. The only dress that I loved was the Grandstand Patch, but I already have that. The sunglasses were also nice and fairly well priced.

No Cormick dresses, no outstanding prints, nothing that really caught my eye. No tunics. No shoes.

And the prices? Honestly, I got better prices on the same items last summer at some of my favorite Via stores like Under the Palm Tree and Village Palm. My purchases from these stores help local communities and I was able to wear the items before the cold weather came in the fall.

The minnies were the lucky ones at the Rue La La sale. The selection for minnies was fantastic. The Flossie dress and lots of pretty shifts were part of the sale. The prices on the dresses were good at about $30 or less. I picked up the Flossie dress in stuffed shells for the girls.

Interestingly, the minnies dresses were the first items to sell out on Rue La La. This morning, many of the women's items are still available. This didn't happen at the last sale. Lesson learned? I'm going to continue to support Via Stores who offer great prices, fantastic customer service, and cultivate a Lilly relationship with customers.

What did you think of the sale on Rue La La?



  1. I COMPLETELY agree! I went to church a few minutes late in hopes of finding some good deals on prints that I liked but was terribly disappointed! I do agree with you on the Minnies selection, though. They had a LOT of dresses for them! Hopefully the next RueLaLa sale will be more impressive!

  2. Yes, very disappointed in the selection. I took a pass on it.

  3. You hit the nail on the head!
    And poor me does not have a minnie any longer! wah little girl is 13 now! Very disappointing indeed. Not a thing for me!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

    Oh well, more time to work on my cricut Valentines! :)

  4. I missed it but feel better about it after reading your post! xx

  5. it was terrible -- totally disappointed

  6. uuuuugh, don't get me going- I was stuck in Sarah Palin's Alaska w/o great service and my sis and her bff were both robbed by the checkout bag- were going to get the coral me crazy maxis, but it ran out in between the mere seconds of putting it in their baskets and trying to check out.

    bah humbug.


  7. I agree completely! I bought a dress from the RLL sale - but almost because I felt obligated to, if that makes any sense??! I was so excited about the sale the day before that I felt like I had to get something. Now I'm kicking myself because the sales at the VIA shops are, as you point out, sooo much better!

  8. Shop local! Help small businesses (even when they are part of a franchise).

  9. I was disappointed too. I was so hoping for some Fresh Catch Toile! Or something in Stuffed shells for me!
    I love that Flossie dress. My Minnie has it. I kept debating going back and getting another for her to put away for when she is bigger and waited too long. So I'll be trolling Re-Lilly looking for size 6 and up in the next year or so! Ha!

    Yes, Via stores are doing better pricing! I got a great deal from Leapin' Lizards this morning.

  10. what are these Via stores everyone keeps talking about? I feel out of the loop

  11. I was guilty of actually logging on to RueLaLa on my BBerry during church and was very disappointed in the selection/prices too! At first I thought maybe I was just being punished for shopping during church, but when I got back on later I saw that the options hadn't magically improved.

  12. I 100% agree! I would have brought some kid's gifts if I could but 2's were sold out quickly or not even available in prints I wanted. Nothing caught my eye for women and honestly you are very true in saying we can get much better prices at the Via stores and help out the communities. Glad I got to look though!

  13. I've been underwhelmed at the last several RLL LP sales. The prices are going up and up! A year ago I could pick up a shift for $79, but now all the good ones are $99, add $10 for shipping and that's no deal!

    I actually slept passed the 8a (West Coast) opening of it, but when I did wake up, I was glad I didn't get up early for it. Not even any tradewind capris! BOO.

    You are right. You can get better deals MANY places on the web, as well as via shops.



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