Monday, January 10, 2011

Squeeze of Orange

Things can get a little bit gray and dull around this time of year. Between the salt on my car from the snow and bare trees in my yard, I see visions of brown and gray everywhere.

Orange is a color that reminds me of summer. When I think of orange, I think of citrus fruits, warm days, and sunny skies. Lilly Pulitzer squeezed the juice out of life when she started her juice stand many years ago. Squeeze away the winter with a squirt of orange!

Here’s some inspiration to put a little Vitamin C in your winter day.

This little orange Vespa is almost as cute as the pink Lilly golf cart...

I actually prefer the little orange box to the little blue box...

Capture your memories with this orange camera...

Any groomsman would love to wear this preppy ensemble at a wedding...

Flowers add color and life to any decor...

Jack and Lulu is quickly becoming one of my favorite finds...

How do you add color to your life? Do you think that color affects your mood? Do you ever feel down during winter because of the gray colors?


Images via pinterest.


  1. Oh I just love orange!!! It is one of my favorite colors. It's such a happy color, isn't t?

  2. Soooo blah with cabin fever! And we are bracing for the ice to freeze the roads tonight. I need some color!

  3. Heavens yes, honey. I get so down in the winter. I LOVE THIS POST. Thanks!! Xoxo

  4. I love wearing color when it's dreary outside. And wearing Lilly always cheers me up!

  5. I LOVE all the orange goodies!!

  6. Color absolutely affects my mood! My office used to be all gray and beige, but since adding two bright canvas prints of pink flowers and a red Keep Calm and Carry On print I definitely get through the gray winter days at work not feeling so drab.



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