Saturday, February 26, 2011

$1.70 Spent!

There's nothing better than spending pocket change and getting a bag full of cute little things. On a recent visit to Michael's, I spent only $1.70!

Look at all of the goodies I found! These items had been part of the dollar collection at Michael's and they were trying to make room for new spring merchandise. The little note cards are perfect to tuck in with packages and gifts. I am using the pretty post it notes to mark pages I need at work in books. The minnies wanted the colorful tape and playing cards and I love the zebra print mailing labels. It was like Christmas!!

There was quite a selection of 10 cent goodies, but the dollar section has some things that I really like, too. These little trinket dishes would look pretty at a party or place setting. The green bamboo is my favorite.

More pretty note cards in a mosaic style...

Matching plates complete the set...

The minnies each wanted a stamp to "monogram" some plain notecards they have.

Little things like this make it fun to "splurge." What fun things are at your Michael's? The dollar spot at Target is another favorite of mine!

Happy Saturday! Today is going to be a day at home. These two weeks have been so incredibly busy and next week is packed, too. Grades are due at school, then we have parent conferences, huge inventory lists and purchasing lists are all due on Monday. Whew! Somehow I'll get through it. I think I've operated on about 4 hours of sleep for the past week.



  1. I have a 40% off coupon and was heading to Micheal's today! I hope to find as much cute stuff as you did!

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  2. Wow! What great finds! I can't wait to get to Michael's today to see what I can find.

  3. I love that section...tho we have to pay 1.50 ugh. It's still a good deal tho!

  4. That $1 section gets me every time! Love it. I love those little plates! xoox

  5. those little dishes were seriously only a dollar?! oh my goodness! looks like i'll be heading over to michael's today!

  6. Cute stuff! I may have to hit Micheal's after church tomorrow and see what is there.

  7. I should visit Michael's more often! Great finds!

  8. Wow! Fab bargains. I am heading there today or tomorrow,I'd love to get a bag of goodies for $1.70 :)

  9. I hit Michaels' this week for a frame since they were on 40% off and another 25% off coupon in the add. I was shocked when I was rung up to find the frame was on clearance. I paid less than $10 for a 16x20 frame.

  10. The dishes and plates are too cute! I need to make a trip to Michael's now!



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