Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sandal Weather

Spring, you're such a tease! Yesterday we had gorgeous temperatures in the 70's and both of the minnies wore sandals to school. To be honest, we've all been waiting for a day that is lovely enough to wear sandals. Yes, I know that it's February, but I'm ready to come out of hibernation. Of course, today we have 45 mph winds and it is so cold.

I love Jack Rogers sandals and wanted to share some of my favorites with you for spring.

The Marbella espadrille is so pretty and preppy. Being named after a jetsetter favorite in the South of Spain adds even more "cool" factor to these sandals. Marbella is so beautiful! I'll never forget when a bunch of girlfriends and I decided to take the speed boat day trip to Morocco when we were in southern Spain one summer. Whew, that is a trip I'll never forget. Crazy!!! But that's another story...I had flash backs of that trip when I saw SATC 2 and the girls unknowingly end up in the black market...enough said!

When I'm lounging poolside, I often worry about ruining the soles of my favorite sandals. These jellies are a perfect solution! Great Jack Rogers style that is perfect for boat or beach.

The most classic, and my most favorite sandal, is the monogrammed sandal. I love the green ones.

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Is it sandal weather where you live yet? Do you have a certain time of the year or a specific temperature you have to consider it sandal weather?



  1. I love mine! I want another pair!

  2. I absolutely love those! I came real close to buying some last season by Antonio Melani!

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  3. I adore my Jack Rogers! I had no idea there were jellies too. I definitely need them for the pool and beach this Summer :)

  4. I love my JRs too and need to get some jellies for the beach! How about these winds?! NUTS! I thought my dog was going to fly away when we were outside! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love jack rogers! I wear them everyday at school in the Spring. The wedges are so adorable!

  6. Oh how I love Jack Rogers! Unfortunately, up here in Canada it will never be sandal weather in February! Yesterday, we woke to a balmy 4 Celcius and were all tickled pink that we didn't have to dress for the tundra. Today is a totally different story, -8 and very windy! Well, I can always dream.....
    Hope you are having a super weekend!

  7. I just found out my Nordstrom's carries JR. So excited!

  8. These are too's raining and cold her in southern california for a change. I hope you are having a great Saturday! I'm having a great giveaway to celebrate my blog makeover. If you haven't entered, make sure to check it out! Kori xoxo

  9. I have not met a JR I did not swoon over! A bunch of us were walking around the store the other day pairing various dresses/outfits with our JRs! It's not too early to start getting those feet ready!

  10. I love my Jack Rogers and would love to have a pair of the jellies for the pool and beach! It's been 70+ degrees where I live this week and so many people have been wearing their sandals!

  11. Sadly, it is not sandal weather here, but I'm looking forward to breaking mine out for April vacation!

    Love those Jack wedges!

  12. It finally warmed up enough this weekend to wear sandals, although I still thought it felt odd in February : ) I would wear them everyday if I could...!!



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