Tuesday, February 22, 2011

National Margarita Day

Even since the groundhog predicted an early spring, we've been on a crazy roller coaster ride. Last week, the temperatures were in the 70's and people sported sandals and warm weather togs. Today, I woke up to 6 inches of snow.

But today is National Margarita Day, so I'm just going to pretend that I'm somewhere sunny and warm. After all, a Margarita in Spanish is a Daisy. Daisies, sunshine, and all things warm. Visualize it.

I've given you lots of recipes for yummy drinks from my beloved Mexico, but today's version is from Bethenny Frankel. Her recipe for the Skinny Girl margarita skips the syrup and the sugar, eliminating lots of pesky calories. Swimsuit season is almost here, after all! I do modify it a little bit because of my fondness for diet Fresca.

*2 oz of Clear Premium Tequila (count 1, 2 while you pour, no need for measuring)
*Tiny splash of Orange Liquor
*Splash of Diet Squirt
*Juice of 4 Fresh Lime Wedges

1.To serve on the rocks, combine all ingredients over a glass of ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

If you're not on the Skinny Girl plan, here's an extra dose of eye candy to celebrate National Margarita Day! One little cupcake couldn't have that many calories, could it?


Pictures via pinterest.


  1. My mouth is watering!!! How many hours until I can blow the dust off my Frozen Concoction Maker ;) ?

  2. Fabulous! I actually have some ice cubes made with lemonaid and limeaid just for Margaritas! I may just drag those out this evening.

  3. We love margaritas! I've never tried this recipe...I wounder if T would be game?



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