Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Place Setting Practice

Do your children need a fun way to learn how to set the table? This fun and colorful pdf file from Martha Stewart is a free printable to help children practice their manners.

Print the file on heavy cardstock and cut. You may even want to laminate the pieces to make them extra sturdy.

For older pre-schoolers and young elementary school children, you could label the items so that they could practice spelling and word recognition. I labeled these for my minnies in Spanish to practice their reading and writing skills in Spanish.

Of course Martha would have such a fantastic idea!



  1. Oh thanks for sharing these! This is something we always do in kindergarten, however...these are much cuter than mine! Yeah Martha!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. We recently did this as a Kids in the Kitchen project with our local Junior League chapter. The kids loved it! And the parents did too!

  3. I remember doing this in my home economics class in grade school :).

    I'm following you from the blog hop. I hope you can visit and follow mine. Thank you.

  4. Wha a great idea. I always have to stop and think when I set the table. We never sat at the table together to eat so I never have had a lot of practice.

  5. Fabulous Idea. Totally in love with all things Martha!! xoxo



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