Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Through My Eyes

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? It's always fun for me to watch the commercials and I'll never pass up a chance to eat some good food!

Last night's Super Bowl is analyzed in hundreds of ways by all kinds of sports aficionados who use "football language" as Alexia so eloquently called it. But I'm not going to talk about the game. My review is of the commercials and the half time show.

The commercials this year seemed to have one of two prevailing themes, a futuristic/alien/monster/action type movie or a car commercial. Is anyone really excited to see Vin Diesel in yet another installment of Fast and the Furious? Maybe I'm way off base here, but I doubt this is going to be a huge box office success.

Eminem in two commercials? Really? And at the risk of being very snarky during this very difficult economy, I'm glad to see the car companies doing well enough to sponsor multiple ads at 3 million dollars a pop. Note sarcasm. Guess the bail out money helped them.

A commercial that made me laugh out loud was the Best Buy commercial with Ozzy and Justin. What's a Bieber?...I don't know, but it looks like a girl! Too funny

This Volkswagen Passat Force commercial is my absolute favorite. Mini Darth Vader is too cool and I love the parents!

The half time show was disappointing. I love the Black Eyed Peas, but there were so many things wrong with their performance that I can't even list them all. Flat voices, bad choreography, and was Fergie sporting a baby bump?

It was so bad that we pulled out the DVD of the 2002 Super Bowl to watch a real half time show ~ U2. Their stellar performance and tribute to the 9/11 victims was a perfect alternative to this year's show.

And how about this...popcorn-gate. I kind of cringed a little bit when I saw Cameron Diaz feeding A Rod popcorn. Seems like she's marking her territory.

What did you think of the Super Bowl? Which commercial was your favorite?



  1. I thought the commercials were overall disappointing, but my two favorites were the etrade baby milkaholic lindsay lohan, and the darth vader VW commercial haha and couldn't agree more about the black eyed peas..eek! Happy Monday! Virginia

  2. I agree....I love the Black Eyed Peas, but the performance was not good. And Fergie's mic needed to be turned down!

  3. I did like the mini-darth vader commercial very much :) I also liked the Doritos commercials. Those, and the darth vader commercial were the only ones that even got a snicker out of me this year! Usually I love almost all of them :( What a shame.

    And the 1/2 time show was eh...

  4. I liked the VW commercial too and also agree with what you had to say about all of the car commercials. It seemed a little inappropriate considering the state of our economy.

    I was very disappointed with the BEP performance.

  5. Mini Darth was my all time favorite! Half time was not up to par. As for the car commercials, shame on you!

  6. Thank you for posting these commercials. I skipped the whole thing! xoxo

  7. I agree completely!
    LOVED the VW commercial, my Hubs and I rolled laughin' as well. The Peas didn't do it, yuck! I too was sad, I love me some Black Eyed Peas. Oh well, win some. . . lose some!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  8. I loved the VW commercial. And I loved Ozzie asking what's a Beiber?
    The Peas didn't do a great job. I did like some of the effects they had. But Fergie so didn't need to be singing that song or trying to sway her hips like Axel.

    I am just sad football is now over with.

  9. Long time reader first time commenting!

    love your blog and now it's cemented. My fave commercial was also the Darth Vader one! : )

    BEP was painful to listen to.

    But, I LOVE how you pulled out the 2002 Super Bowl for all time fave band!

    : )

  10. Loved the Justin Bieber/Ozzy Osborne one!



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