Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday at Lilly Pulitzer

A very lucky girl recently celebrated her 8th birthday at the Lilly Pulitzer store at The Domain in Austin, Texas. Helena's mommy, Liza, and I came to know each other on facebook through our mutual love of Lilly. As it turns out, Liza's family is from Mexico City and she is a twin mommy, so we have even more in common.

Helena is a twin to Joshua, Liza's oldest oldest children, and this was the 1st year that they decided to host separate parties for the twins. Joshua's party was very boy oriented with a pizza dinner and UT Men's Basketball game with his friends. Liza thought about hosting Helena's party at the Lilly Pulitzer store.

According to Liza, "Part of Lilly Pulitzer's mission is to make each customer feel like they are welcomed into Lilly's home. The Domain Store does exactly that every day -- the service is amazing and I love to spend time in the store with everyone. Lynn, the manager, is amazing. So is everyone else who works on her team."

Liza contacted Lynn to ask her if Helena's party could be celebrated at the store and she said yes. After that -- the amazing staff went to work on this amazing party!

The ladies at The Domain decided to do a Project Runway Lilly party. There were three different stations for the little party guests. At one, some girls designed new shift dresses on a real dress.

At another station, the girls were designing shift dresses. Maybe there's a budding designer in the group!

The third station was the most exciting, the fashion show. The girls dressed up in new Lilly Pulitzer dresses from the Spring collection and walked the runway in style. Each girl walked and then modeled in the store window! So exciting! This was Helena's favorite part of the party!

Lynn and the other ladies at The Domain also created a cupcake bar. Each of Helena's guests took home a new Lilly Pulitzer bunny as a party favor.

Liza purchased all of the Lifeguard Press items -- invites, tumblers, plates/napkins, and a crown in Taboo at Helena's request.

Helena loves her Lilly and enjoys matching her mommy. Her favorite print is Pandamonium.

Thank you to sweet Helena, Liza, Lynn, and all of the peeps at Lilly Pulitzer at The Domain for allowing me to feature this adorable 8th birthday party.


Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you! Hope you're wearing green today.


  1. What a cute birthday party idea!

  2. What a fabulous idea for a little girl's birthday party! Just adorable:)

  3. What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! Looks like the kids had fun!

  4. What a cute party. I use to work at Lilly Pulitzer, and I remember our stores doing birthday parties.
    Happy St Patty's day!


  5. Now I want a party at Lilly Pulitzer! What a cute idea - I bet the girls had a ball.

  6. Wow! What an amazing birthday party for a little girl!!! She will definitely remember that party :)

  7. A-D-O-A-B-L-E! I want to have my birthday at Lilly ;) Thank you Bethany & Liza for sharing :-)

  8. What a fabulous party! I wonder if I could have my party at a local Lilly store.



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