Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Manners Matter

My minnies are taking an etiquette course. The instructor is a Certified Etiquette Instructor and relates so well with the girls in the class. Interestingly, the course was open to boys and girls, but there are only 6 little girls enrolled. In my opinion, good manners help children be successful in life in addition to fostering and supporting their self confidence. Children who know what to expect and how to act in different situations feel comfortable.

Although I always try to instill good manners and behavior in my minnies, it’s so much better when they hear it from a third party. It always helps when everyone has the same rules. Especially if they think that the third party is the expert on manners. Natalia said, “Our teacher says that you do it the right way, Mommy.” Instant validation.

During the course, the minnies are learning how to introduce themselves, proper table manners, and many other important lessons. But two of the most interesting things they have learned involve elevators and phones.

My intolerance for bad elevator manners grew while the minnies were little and I was constantly traveling with them in the Maclaren twin stroller. People rarely seemed to know the unwritten rules for getting in and out of the elevator.

Elevator Rules:
* People who are in the elevator exit before others enter the elevator
* It is polite to hold the door open for people with strollers, wheelchairs, or other special needs.
* Take turns pushing the elevator buttons. (My minnies know that I will push the buttons if there is a disagreement about who pushes the button.)

Telephone manners was another very important topic of discussion. Not only are manners important, particularly to mommies with home based businesses, proper telephone use protects children.

Telephone Rules:
* Answer the telephone in a clear voice and respond to questions politely and appropriately. "My mother is busy right now" is a thousand times better than "My mom is taking a shower."
* Make phone calls at appropriate times. Determine the earliest and latest times your child can call others and make sure that they follow these guidelines.
* Safety. Know how to use 911 in case of an emergency and that this number should only be used when necessary. Children should not give out personal information to strangers on the phone.

This week is the big event where students will show their good manners during a meal. The minnies are so excited and have been practicing for the past few days. Have your children taken an etiquette course? Did you notice a change in their behavior after the class?


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  1. I think etiquette classes are wonderful for both children and adults! Ever people watch at Wal-mart? My point exactly! I graduated from a Christian school and they had a class on etiquette and the Christian school my son goes to has one to. They teach it in every grade, but the "official" class is held for the 6th graders. They actually just had their etiquette banquet where they got all dressed up and are graded on their "work".

  2. I love this idea and will surely use it with Brady and Campbell when the time comes. How did you find this class? Is there a national database of these types of things?

  3. This is such a great post! Everyone needs a little reminder about manners every once in a while.

  4. I took an etiquette class when I was little, and it was a great experience! That class has served me well throughout my life. Glad that your daughters are enjoying their class :)

  5. Love this post! I attended cotillion as an older gal at a high school in the DC area and had an incredible experience (any excuse to wear a pretty dress, heels, and little white gloves was good enough for me). Proper etiquette is invaluable- both my Mama and my prep school couldn't have stressed that enough!

  6. Getting ready sign S up for dance class. He really enjoyed the etiquette class he took in the fall. And, like you, it validated all I teach my boys at home!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful comments. Part of the fun of this is getting to dress up and treating things like they are special. It's amazing how my girls instantly behave like ladies the second they wear a fancy dress.

    Bevy ~ I'm all about validation!!!



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