Monday, March 14, 2011

The Opera and other Drama

Yesterday was quite an emotional roller coaster for me. Truly, except for one thing, it was a lovely day, but one that was full of many emotions. By nature, I'm a pretty emotional person. Yes, I'm the one who cries during commercials.

Natalia and I went to the Kennedy Center to see Madama Butterfly. I remember that my parents took me to the Kennedy Center as a child and that I always felt so special and excited whenever we went there. We ate a lovely brunch at the Roof Terrace Restaurant and enjoyed the view of Washington, DC. It was a gorgeous day and we even stepped out on to the deck for a few minutes.

The brunch was so unique because it was an open kitchen. Guests went into the kitchen to make their choices and saw the chefs in action. The prime rib, shrimp, oysters, and other dishes were superb.

But as usual, we saved the best for last. The dessert table was beyond amazing. We tried a little bit of everything including cake pops, tiny little macaroons, red velvet cupcakes, and chocolate mousse. Natalia told me that this was such an elegant brunch and was on her best behavior.

Before going to the opera, Natalia read and re-read a children's version of Madama Butterfly in order to become familiar with the story. She fell in love with the tragic love story and was so excited about the performance. I was not sure how my little 9 year old minnie would feel about listening to the music in Italian while watching and reading subtitles, but she was completely engrossed, although she did have to ask me to explain several words like deity and forbears.

Of course, I cried several times during the opera and was so moved by the beauty of the story and music. Such a tragic love story. I have to wonder what that cad Pinkerton meant in the end when he desperately called for Butterfly as she died by her own hand. Did he realize what he had done?

When we arrived at home, we discovered that Natalia's fish had died. Sadie was a very special fish. She was a classroom pet in Natalia's first grade classroom and was given to Natalia as a special treat. Natalia took care of Sadie and truly loved her. So after the excitement of the opera, the lovely brunch, and emotional love story, we held a funeral in the back yard for dear Sadie. Natalia even wrote a eulogy for her and read it.

Whew. What a day.

Have you ever had a day full of drama that was not necessarily all bad, but emotionally draining?



  1. Whew what a day!
    Ysy for the Opera!
    Sorry to hear about the fish.

    I cried through Wicked and when I came out of the theatre my gps had stopped's kinda the same right?

  2. So sorry that Natalia's fish died; not a fun end to what had been a very fun day :(

  3. My goodness, what a emotional day for you two to share. I guess that is the shining linning though, you & your daughter will always have the bittersweet memory of a very special day together :)

  4. What a special day and of course you looked fantastic!!

  5. Absolutely have had one of those days. I'm so sorry to hear about the fish, but otherwise it does sound like an absolutely lovely day :)

  6. You both look adorable!
    Sorry about the fish, oh we have all been there!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  7. What a wonderful day with your daughter! Thanks for sharing!
    Jennifer aka gigi



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