Thursday, April 7, 2011

$1 Easter Basket Treasures

Usually, I prefer quality over quantity. I'd much rather receive one beautiful favor at a party instead of a bag of plastic things. I would buy one pair of gorgeous shoes instead of lots of inexpensive shoes that will not last.

But there are two exceptions in my world...Christmas Stockings and Easter Baskets! As a girl, one of my favorite stocking and basket items was the classic Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers from the drugstore. Little treasures and candy treats made my day and I'm continuing this tradition for my minnies.

While it's tempting to spend more money for Easter, and it would certainly be easier to go buy a game for the wii or an American Girl outfit, it's much more fun to search for goodies for their Easter Baskets.

After picking up some gorgeous green and white gingham baskets at the Williams Sonoma outlet for $5, I went out to find little surprises. The girls will get some of their favorite candy like Push Pops, Nerds, and the classic Cadbury Mini-Eggs and Peeps, but I always like to find some other little things to include.

Look what I found in my circuit around town...

Bunny ears and little felt treat bags
from Target.

Carrot bubbles...from a brave trip I made to Wal Mart.

Japanese erasers are a favorite among the elementary school set and Silly Putty is a great classic. The putty even glows in the dark! Both items from A.C. Moore.

Brain teasers, tic-tac-toe, and an egg puzzle will keep them entertained before the Easter egg hunt. These treasures are from the Dollar Tree!

Here's the best news about my finds! Everything included in this post was only a dollar! What a fantastic way to make a fun Easter Basket on a budget. These items are suitable for many ages and are appropriate for both girls and boys. An ideal shopping list for Mommies, Grandmas, or Aunts who are shopping for both boys and girls. Of course, the Grandma Easter Baskets seem to be quite a bit more generous than the Mommy Easter Baskets!

I do plan to re-package some of the items or take them out of the container so that the basket is visually appealing. I also picked up some excelsior instead of the more traditional plastic grass filling.

What is going in your Easter Basket this year?



  1. I love the treat bags! Hope my target has them for my husband's goddaughter. Thanks for sharing and hope they like their treats:)

  2. As my boys don't really like candy, Easter baskets have ALWAYS been hard! Also, boys don't really like those cutesy, fun toys :(

  3. Your girls are going to love all of those things. I was always so happy with my basket from the "Easter Bunny". You are making lovely memories they will carry with them forever.

  4. what fun easter basket ideas! i'm in college, but my parents will still put fun little things like those in my easter basket..and don't you just love target's dollar section?



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