Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 Things Every Woman Should Have

There are certain things that every woman should possess. Some of these are almost like a rite of passage, a welcome gift to the adult world. When I think of any style icon, I know that these were all a part of her life.

So here are 8 things that every woman should have

A simple strand of pearls matches everything and is perfect to wear every day. If they belonged to someone in your family and have a history, even better!

A perfect pair of jeans is another wardrobe staple. Perfect does not necessarily mean expensive. Once you’ve found the perfect pair that fits and flatters you, you’ll know! It may take you hundreds of tries to find the right jeans for you, but it will be worth it. Lately, I'm obsessed with white jeans.

A signature recipe is something that you can cook or bake well. Family recipes are fabulous, but don’t be afraid to take a recipe and make it your own. Experiment and have fun with your recipe. Everyone will soon recognize the dish as yours at parties and gatherings.

A little black dress is a must-have in every woman’s closet. Classic, simple silhouettes and quality construction are important. Wear it to work and dress it up for the evening. It’s ok to splurge a little bit here because you’ll have this dress forever.

A set of hardcover books that you love and treasure is something to enjoy and share with your children. These classics will be read by children a century from now. Beautiful cloth bound Penguin books are an heirloom. My mother often shares some of my great-grandfather’s old books with me and I enjoy looking at them with her. In fact, one of his Latin primers came in handy this year!

A set of good luggage is the perfect gift for a milestone celebration. When I graduated from high school, I received a set of beautiful luggage. Recently, I was perusing my cousin’s wedding registry and saw that the couple had requested a set of luggage. Currently, I’m using a set of the hard shell Heys luggage in a pretty avocado green.

A valid passport is a must have for every woman. Even if you don’t have international travel in your immediate plans, you never know when something exciting might develop. Pretty passport covers make the customs agents smile!

No woman's life is complete without at least one good friend. A closet full of clothes and a party full of acquaintances is nothing compared to a true friend. Although I enjoy being social and love my friends dearly, all that I really need are a few friends who love and understand me.

Feel free to add to this list. What do you think every woman should have?


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  1. I'm good to go minus, can you believe it, a LBD. Lots of LPD's, LGD's, LWD's and LBD's but, alas, no black...XXOO

  2. I think I'm good to go, but I'm so wanting to find the perfect pair of white jeans! oh happy shopping to me! My parents also gave me a set of luggage as a grad gift from HS. That was 10 years ago…I think I may want to spruce it up soon! Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

  3. I definitely agree! Also, how about a good watch? I have some great watches but still looking for the perfect one! Open to any suggestions!

  4. What a perfect list! And...what a great reminder that I really do need a new set of luggage ;)

  5. Love the list :) I'm currently on the lookout for the perfect pair of white jeans and a good set of matching luggage!

  6. Is it ok for me to share on my blog? I love the list!

  7. A watch is a great addition to the list!

    Allie ~ I can't believe it! No LBD??

    Aren't white jeans the best?? Love them. And when you find a great pair, it's magic! No exaggeration.

    xoxo to you all!

  8. I'm thinking a REAL strand of pearls is exactly what this girl needs for college graduation! Thanks for the idea.


  9. A very nice practical list.I am so glad that you started with the pearls and if you have read my recent posts over at the Chronicles, about The Power of the Pearl, then you have a glimmer of what I think about this delightful little gem.
    Great post.

    Always, Bumby

  10. Fabulous list... I also have my one go to lipstick.... my passport has expired, sadly and my luggage is all crap. My parents insisted -- and still go by this philosophy -- that one should travel with UNdesirable luggage as it is less appealing to the eye and therefore not desirable among thieves. After all, it's what's on the inside and not the outside, that counts!

    XOXO J.



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