Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

In many parts of Mexico, Palm Sunday is celebrated with beautiful crafts made from palm fronds, wheat, and seeds. Vendors set up intricately woven crosses, hearts, and flowers outside of cathedrals and churches. Many families work together and weave throughout the day as demand for their art increases.

It’s an amazing sight to watch how the artists’ hands move quickly and easily as they weave their creations while talking and enjoying the day with others. Each artist has his own unique style and will tell you many reasons why his weavings are the best. But in my opinion, they are all beautiful and it’s hard to resist buying something from quite a few palm sellers.

My favorite designs use fresh green palm fronds that will dry perfectly. Stored properly, these can be used for many years.

Semana Santa, Holy Week, is a very important time for celebration and religious observance. The Passion of Christ is re-enacted in many cities and towns by local guilds. Other celebrations include parades and masses. Many people take palms that decorate homes to a priest to be blessed.

Traditions are important today even as Mexico flourishes as a modern society. This perfect balance between old and new, sacred and secular, noisy and silent all at the same time is one of the things that fascinates me about Mexico.

Best wishes for a beautiful Sunday.


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  1. wow, incredible! i still have a cross my dad made out of a palm for me at mass back in elementary school. i thought that was crafty, but it's nothing compared to those pictures! thanks for sharing!



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