Saturday, April 23, 2011

Perfect Eggs Every Time

Sometimes people joke about their cooking skills by saying that they can boil water or make toast. But sometimes little things like making hard boiled eggs can be much more difficult than it looks.

If you want perfectly hard boiled eggs, here’s the tried and true method from my mom. You’ll never wonder if your eggs are cooked. Eggs won’t crack using this method either.


Use a stainless steel or enamel pot, not aluminum. The following method will give you perfect eggs. The yolks will remain yellow and not turn gray like some hard boiled eggs I’ve seen.

Put eggs into the pot, in a single layer. Don’t stack the eggs. You’ll have to boil the eggs in batches, but it’s worth it.

Cover eggs with cold water and add about another inch of water on top of the eggs.

Heat on medium high heat and bring to full rolling boil. Heating gradually prevents cracks in the eggs.

As soon as the eggs boil, cover the pot and remove from hot burner. Allow to sit for a full 15 minutes for medium eggs.

Drain hot water from eggs. Run cold water over eggs for about 5 minutes. The cold water and cooling process will make it easier to peel the eggs.

Eggs are now ready to color. Dry the eggs and place in a container on the table where you are going to color the eggs.

Have fun coloring the eggs!

Here are some of the minnies' eggs that they made today. Their favorites had designs from the wax crayons.

Happy Easter!


Picture via Good Housekeeping

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  1. Ok the sad thing is I already knew this because I looked it up last year!! LOLOLOL. I felt so silly having to look up how to boil an egg! I feel better now. :)



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