Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keep Calm Generator

By now everyone has seen the Keep Calm and Carry On signs. I think that this is a fabulous motto, but I really love the creative twists on the slogan. During recent weeks, one of the most clever slogans I saw was “Keep Calm, Harry is Still Single.” Although this is not something that I want to hang in my house or office because that would be a little creepy given my age, I did find an incredibly cool way to create my own Keep Calm slogans.

You can make your own Keep Calm signs with the Keep Calm-o-matic Here are some of my personal creations...

The Maryland Pink and Green classic. I made a t-shirt with this slogan! It is adorable for casual days at home or on the beach. Keep your eyes on Maryland Pink and Green this week for a t-shirt giveaway...

Enlarge and print this. Once it's matted and framed, it would make an adorable welcome sign at a tea party, shower or other special event.

Since I started Maryland Pink and Green, my life has gotten richer in ways I never could have imagined. New friends, new experiences, and new opportunities inspire me to blog about my life and share it with others. Isn't this a perfect slogan for blog-land?

Since the original Keep Calm and Carry On signs were designed to build morale and lighten people's hearts, I thought that this sign was appropriate. Even if I'm feeling blue, wearing pink puts a spark in my step and instantly lifts my mood. As Lilly Pulitzer says, "Wear Pink and Make the Boys Wink!"

So now it's your turn to be creative. Check out the Keep Calm Generator and create your own Keep Calm signs. Experiment with different colors and images...the possibilities are endless.

Have fun making posters! Be sure to post pictures on Maryland Pink and Green's facebook page or leave a comment with your blog address. I'd love to see what you create.



  1. Oh, fun....I made 2...the first one wasn't very nice, but is indeed true:
    "Keep Calm and Ignore Most People"
    then I made another one to couple it:
    "Keep Calm and Wear Your Pearls"

  2. Oh what fun, I've just made several and sent them to friends. Many thanks!

  3. Just made one:

    Keep Calm and Always Wear Lipstick



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