Monday, May 16, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Summer

Last week, I was thrilled to see the Summer 2011 Lilly Pulitzer catalog. Without any doubt, my favorite from summer is the Worth Shift in Skye Blue Dark n Stormy. Besides being uber comfortable and easy to wear, the classic lines of the Worth Shift and lace detail make this a keeper in your closet for many, many years to come. As part of the Originals collection, this dress is sure to be a highly coveted piece.

The perfect summer drink is now the perfect summer print!

Did you know that the Dark n Stormy is Bermuda's National Drink? Sailors introduced the cocktail to preppy coastal towns such as Annapolis and Newport and is synonymous with summer and all things preppy. You'll need to pick up some Gosling's Black Seal Rum because it's not a Dark n Stormy if it's not made with Gosling's!

What are your favorites from the Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2011 collection?



  1. Love this dress! Saw it at my local Lilly store yesterday.

  2. love the lilly... just got some more fabrics, and can't wait to do something fun with them!

    (can you please e-mail me? mfairfaxf at juno dot com)

  3. I had no idea. I love dark and stormys. For me it not only needs to be Goslings but also needs to be Reeds Ginger beer.

  4. I LOVE this pattern and the cut of this dress! I've never had a Dark n Stormy but I think I may have to now :)



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