Sunday, May 1, 2011

Parade of Hats

Happy Sunday! Like many of you, I just can't get enough of the royal wedding recaps. I think that I've watched the bride walk down the aisle about ten times at this point, and it's exciting every time. This carefully rehearsed kiss is the picture that is shown around the world. But today I'm bringing you some of my favorite hats and peeps from the wedding.

The tiny pages are adorable. Beyond words cute! Here's a new trend I propose a la mexicana...eliminate the string of bridesmaids in sorbet colored dresses and add some adorable pages like these. The ooooh and ahhhh factor at the wedding increases exponentially and your friends will thank you for saving them from being a bridesmaid!

Marie-Chantal of Greece is one of my favorite royals. A real American princess. She's gorgeous and always looks stunning.

Maxima of the Netherlands is another elegant European princess. I love her lace suit. This beige color is so popular this season and she looks fabulous.

How could I write about the best wedding ensembles without including the lovely Queen Sofia and Princess Letizia? Queen Sofia has always been so special to me, but she won the heart of the world during the World Cup when she cheered for the Spanish selection like only a queen could. Letizia is probably one of the most elegant and classic princesses. Another non-royal turned princess. Plus, her beautiful minnie-princesses are always adorable!

Prince Albert did very well for himself, too, don't you think? Another gorgeous outfit.

Kate made Pippa the most eligible bachelorette in the world with her lovely dress, don't you think? The conversation probably went like this..."Ok, Pippa, you'll walk with the pages and help me with my dress, but LOOK at what YOU get to wear!" I love the name Pippa. Pippa! Pippa! Pippa! I think I need a friend named Pippa.

Today, the minnies celebrate their first communion and they are so excited. I had an outfit planned, but changed my mind after watching the royal wedding coverage...any guesses about what I'm going to wear?

Have a gorgeous day!


pictures via pinterest


  1. hmmm.....pondering on what you are wearing!

    btw..Libby just said last night that she loved the name Pippa.

  2. I read she hates the name Pippa!

    I did wonder how she got the sad job of being the nanny. But she did look amazing. Forget Kate, I want to be Pippa!

  3. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Isn't it funny after watching the wedding how you feel like stepping up your game while figuring out what to wear? Will you don a fabulous fascinator to the communion celebrations?

    Congratulations to both your children on such a wonderful moment! I remember when Eldest made her First Communions. Such a special day with family and friends, and filled with the Spirit.

    My best to you all...



  4. Every time I see a picture of that tow-headed page I swear it's my son!!! Cheeky little bugger!!!

  5. I can't get enough of the wedding either! It was so lovely :)



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