Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Veggies in the Centerpiece!

It’s not surprising that I started my theme by thinking about the candy and sweets table; after all it is so much fun. But it was almost like working backwards because I knew what I wanted that element of the party to look like, but had to incorporate the centerpieces, tablescapes, and stationery in the same theme.

Although I wanted a centerpiece that was fresh and representative of spring, I also wanted something out of the ordinary; not your garden variety centerpiece. Since I was doing this myself, the arrangement had to be something easy to assemble.

The shabby chic centerpieces in pink and green are made up of gorgeous pink gerberas and the secret ingredient…frozen peas! Frozen peas are very inexpensive and provide a pretty pop of color and contrast. Simple quart size mason jars are a perfect vase for the arrangements. One person commented that if my “peas” were entered into the canning competition at the county fair they would win. It’s an economical, fresh, and fun way to decorate a table at a party, bridal or baby shower.

The sweet gingham ribbon on the centerpieces complements the pink and green menu cards and other pink party props like the cake pops on a pink and white striped stick.

At each place setting, the napkin was beautifully presented in a bright pink gerbera napkin ring. Delicately decorated cross cookies welcome guests who would like to sample some dessert before lunch.

My goal was to have a simple, yet elegant theme for this very special occasion. The minnies and their guests had a wonderful time!

Have a beautiful day!



  1. What a creative idea! I love the pink and great theme and that candy bar looked AMAZING! Be sure to check out my Nico and Lala giveaway. xx

  2. How much fun are those peas????! Love it!

  3. Frozen peas - I love it...and would have never thought of that one!

  4. VERY clever!!!

  5. Green peas in a flower arrangement? Brilliant! :)

    Everything looks wonderful! Your daughters had a very special day for sure :)

  6. ...And as the peas thawed, the water kept the daisies hydrated!!! Seriously, it is a brilliant idea!

  7. I love this and will certainly be using the idea!

  8. Thanks for all of the sweet comments! The idea was so simple to create. I'm thinking that frozen cranberries would be so pretty in a Christmas arrangement.



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