Friday, June 17, 2011

American Girl Tysons Corner

Tomorrow is a happy day for girls and their mommies in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area! The American Girl Store opens its doors to girls on June 18, 2011 at Tysons Corner Center. I had the special opportunity to preview the store and want to share the exciting details with you. The two level store has everything for your girl and her American Girl doll and includes a hair salon, bistro, dessert bar, and creativi-tees.

American Girl is the dream of a former school teacher who noticed that it was difficult to find fun and educational items for girls. On a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, she saw history come to life and was inspired to create the historical line of dolls. In 1986, the first historical characters, Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly are introduced through direct catalog sales. Since then, the company has grown exponentially and American Girl is a household word.

Kit is a favorite historical character in our home. The minnies learn so much about the Great Depression and life during the 1930s through Kit’s story.

Rebecca is a Jewish girl living in New York and is one of the more popular dolls with girls. So many girls identify with her and love her curly hair.  I adore Rebecca because she dreams about becoming an actress.  What little girl doesn't want to be an actress at one point or another? 

Julie Albright, from the 1970s, is a favorite for both mothers and daughters. Her story is one that invites conversation between mothers and their daughters about growing up and personal life experiences. Moms like me fondly remember items that Julie has like a metal lunch box and thermos and a banana seat bicycle. My girls wondered if I had beads hanging from my canopy bed like Julie did. Sadly I didn’t have beads like Julie, but I sure would have loved that, almost as much as the beads hanging from the entrance of Greg Brady’s cool “apartment” bedroom on The Brady Bunch!

In addition to the historical dolls, every year a new Girl of the Year debuts at American Girl.  This year’s doll is Kanani, a loveable girl who lives in Hawaii.  Girls from across the United States travel to exotic Hawaii through Kanani’s adventures and stories.  One little girl at the store said that she loves Kanani because she has such beautiful hair! 

The Bistro and Dessert Bar are fun options for a meal with your favorite girl and her doll.  The Bistro menu is girl and adult friendly.  Girls love the tic-tac-toe pizza and adults can choose from options ranging from salad to salmon.  The fixed price menu is $16.50 and includes your choice of a starter, and entrĂ©e, and dessert.  Girls sit with their dolls, seated in special treat seats, at the table and share the experience with them.  Dolls have their own cup and saucer and are given just as much love and attention as the girls.  It’s a wonderful and fun experience. 

If you’re looking for something sweet, the Dessert Bar is a perfect option for a quick shopping break.  Brownies, cookies, and other treats are sold in pairs with a miniature treat for the doll.  Here’s an adorable little girl enjoying her cupcake at the American Girl Dessert Bar. 
A private room for birthday parties and other celebrations is available in addition to special celebrations in the Bistro.

Bitty Baby is a lovely collection of dolls designed for girls from ages 3-6.  Launched in 1995, these dolls encourage nurturing play and are an excellent introduction of American Girl Dolls for young girls. 

My American Doll is a doll who is just like your girl!  Choose her look, interests, and personality to create a one of a kind doll.  Over 40 skin, hair, and eye combinations are available.  Each doll comes with access to Innerstar University, a fun and safe online environment where girls can play games and learn.  The doll becomes a personal avatar for girls. 

At the hair studio, dolls are treated to a special new look.  Natalia’s My American Girl doll, Ashley, got a double decker ponytail at the studio.  The stylist carefully explained some simple hair care tips with Natalia as she skillfully combed the doll’s hair. 

Girls choose from several dozen beautiful hair styles.  Prices vary and range from $10-$20.  Ear piercing for dolls is also available at the Hair Studio. 

Creativi-tees is another fun area of the store.  Girls can design tees for themselves and their favorite doll. 

Of course, there are many options for girls who want to dress like their doll, too. 

As a special surprise, Felicity is available for purchase at the Tysons Corner store for a very limited time.  She is retired and is not available for purchase online.  Because Felicity is from Williamsburg, Virginia, it seems fitting that she is a historical character at the Tysons Corner Center store. 

Tomorrow’s grand opening celebration has many surprises for girls who attend the party!  Girls who visit the store on opening day receive a gift.  A purchase with purchase outfit is available, too.  The photographer’s outfit is very cute, by the way.  My minnies especially loved the clogs that come with the outfit.  Crafts, music, and other activities are also planned.  It’s going to be a great day! 

Be sure to park closest to Bloomingdales for easy access to the American Girl store.  You can enter the store on level  1 or 2 of Tysons Corner Center.


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  1. My niece went to the store in Atlanta. They have an American Girl package with a hotel across the street where they have all sorts of treats and goodies! It was a birthday to remember!

  2. Ahhhh yes! My daughter loved the AG dolls. They are still here - waiting to be played with by grands ;-) xoxo

  3. I love American Girl! Felicity is my favorite, but Molly was my first doll. i love the store in Chicago, have a great time!!

  4. I LOVED American Girls!!! I had Kit and I read the books multiple times!!! I actually learned stuff from the books and would know about US History that others didn't in school.

    The new store looks fab!! I haven't been in years to any of the stores!

  5. @Bevy ~ There are some cool packages at this AG store, too, and some include a bed for your doll!

    @Sarah ~ Thanks! Alexia loves Felicity and Molly, too.

    @mFw ~ You're so right. My daughters continue to learn so much from the wonderful books and are interested in history because of American Girl dolls.

  6. A friendly hello from your newest follower.

    How I cannot wait to take my little girl here when she's older!

  7. Oh how I loved visitin' these stores with my girly! We had a blast in Chicago and New York! Memories to treasure.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  8. What a great store - wish they had them when I was a girl!

    You are creating great memories for your daughters!

    Happy Weekend!


  9. Oh! You and the girls are soooo lucky! My girls are DYING to get there soon! xoxo

  10. Oh goodness--I would have loved this when I was little! I had Kirsten, an American girl of today named Melissa, and a Bitty Baby named Elizabeth!

    Heck, I would love a trip there now!

  11. I'm dying to visit this store! I have Molly, and just love the dolls. I will admit though, that I hate that they are retiring the historical dolls. I love their stories and how educational they are for girls!

  12. Lexilooo ~ I agree about the historical dolls. The best history lessons come when girls make connections with the past and envision what life was like at that time.



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