Thursday, June 16, 2011

Candy Buffet Resources

Many readers asked about resources for the Pink and Green Candy Buffet that I hosted for my minnies’ First Communion. The candy, containers, bags, and scoops are all important elements to a gorgeous candy buffet. Here are some of the details about the pink and green candy buffet that you can create.

Since the candy is a focal point as well as a treat for party guests, it should look and taste good. The type of candy or sweets you choose depends on the type of party you are hosting. A candy buffet for 2 year olds will certainly be different from a candy buffet for adults, although both can be beautiful and delicious.

A variety of textures and flavors could include items like Jordan Almonds, chewing gum, hard candy, and taffy. Marshmallows and ribbon candy are also fabulous options. Oh! Nuts is an excellent resource for candy. They have an amazing array of candy available in all colors, shapes and sizes. I wanted a blend of pink and green candy for my buffet and did a search for only those colors. My candy was shipped to me within a day and arrived in perfect condition. The service was impressive!

When you are choosing containers for a candy buffet, select a variety of different shapes, sizes, and heights. This adds visual interest to your display. Apothecary jars look spectacular on a candy buffet. Trays, baskets, and pedestals also are excellent additions to a candy buffet.

TJMaxx, HomeGoods, and Marshalls are excellent resources for finding the most beautiful and inexpensive apothecary jars. Other craft stores also carry glass containers, but I found the best prices and most beautiful items at HomeGoods and Marshalls. Target also has a great selection and prices are reasonable. Of course, other well-known decorating stores also have apothecary jars, but the prices are almost double what you will pay at the stores I suggest.

Two of the best resources you will find for scoops for candy buffets are and The Container Store. The Container Store has a teacher discount, too, so that's always a bonus! Local party stores also have scoops and tongs, but I wasn't really crazy about the weight and "feel" of the items...they seemed kind of flimsy.

Guests need a container for their candy. Carry your party's theme through every detail of the candy buffet, even the candy containers. Although I investigated everything from boxes to bags for guests to put their candy, I decided that plain white paper bags would perfectly suit the shabby chic pink and green theme of the event. Glassine (wax) lined bags prevent grease and moisture from the front of the bag. Completely safe for use with food.

The pink and white gingham ribbon through holes punched at the top of the bag added an additional pop of color to the candy buffet. The bag labels match the Tiny Prints invitation for the event. Consider accessories that match or complement your party invitations.

Would you like to have a candy buffet at your next party? What kind of theme would it be? What colors would you use?

P.S. Yesterday was the most wonderful day for so many reasons. It was the last day of school. Straight A report cards from the minnies. My sister and her husband called to surprise us with the news that they adopted a beautiful baby boy! The day just kept getting better!



  1. I love candy bars...I want to do it at my boys' parties next year

  2. Hi Mrs. Maryland P&G - love your blog -your posts are always so interesting and fun

    Second - your candy buffet is gorgeous - looks so professional ...almost too pretty to actually eat the items

    Third - happy for your happy day - report cards and adoption from a family member

    Happy, Happy Pink and Green Thursday!


  3. love the apothecary jars! we, too, always find ours at home goods. such great deals!

  4. I love candy buffets! your tips are fantastic.

  5. Thanks for the tips! I'm considering doing a candy buffet for an upcoming birthday party I'm planning :)



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