Sunday, June 12, 2011

How To Be A Lady

Brooks Brothers has perfectly preppy clothing for the entire family and I love to shop there. Recently, I saw a books whose title called my name: How to Be A Lady. This book, written by Candice Simpson-Giles, is a small sized hardcover book that is full of wonderful tips for gracious living as a lady.

Here’s the shortened list of some of my favorite tips from the book.

~ A lady knows that trends come and go, while true style is timeless.
~ A lady knows that false congeniality is as obvious as bad false eyelashes.
~ A lady does not give surprise birthday parties or baby or bridal showers unless she is certain the honoree likes to be surprised.
~ A lady should never ask someone if she looks fat in something.
~ When faced with life’s minor setbacks, a lady does not act like a victim.
~ A lady knows when it’s time to say good night.

Every point on this list is fantastic. I particularly agree that a woman should not ask someone if she looks fat in something. If she does not want to know the answer, don’t ask the question, right? And nothing is worse than a victim. The “woe is me” mentality is not ladylike…or attractive.

You can pick up your copy of this delightful book close at any Brooks Brothers store. It would make a perfect gift for a girl who is going to college or a lady who will begin her adult life in the work place.



  1. I bought this book years ago at a Lilly Pulitzer store (it has a pink jacket). I have the other "Lady" books from Brooks Brothers. Great books.

  2. I soooo agree...if you have to ask if something makes you look fat, you already know the answer!

  3. My mom bought me this book awhile book-it's so cute and on point!

  4. I must share your favorite ones on my Monday Manners post tomorrow. Hope you don't mind! P.S. Remember when friends could submit pics of them wearing Lilly to you, and you'd post different ones each week? I loved that! The Lilly Lovers contest made me think of it. You should do it again. :)

  5. We have a few "Gentleman" books at Casa Bevy!

  6. That is an ah-mazing quote!!! And sooo true. Xoxo-BLC

  7. @Sweet Southern Prep Of course you can share these tips on your blog. I'll bring back the reader outfit section for summer. Such fun! I love to see how everyone pairs their outfits.



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