Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day!

Last night, I saw U2 in concert at Ravens Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. The special lighting and visual effects of the show were beyond words amazing. It was the best concert I’ve ever seen. The band played for more than 2 hours and played some of my favorites. Elevation was probably the best performed song of the night.

This security sign made me chuckle. The security briefing probably went something like this. “Ok guys, when you’re checking bags, remember…NO LACROSSE BALLS. I repeat, NO lacrosse balls.” “Fanny packs? Yeah, they’re ok, but watch out for those Marylanders and their lacrosse balls.” Only in Maryland will you find lacrosse balls at the top of the list of prohibited items.

Although severe traffic had been predicted for the event, we made it to the concert without any major delays, had the best seats, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Everything was perfect.  All of the concert goers can thank me that it didn't rain...This pink and green Girl Scout came with poncho in tow and kept the rain at bay.  It was truly a beautiful day!

It’s even better to get home from an amazing concert just in time to do some online shopping! Many Lilly Pulitzer Via Shops are having special 2 day sales with outstanding prices for resort and spring items. Some stores are offering free shipping, too!

To make the shopping deal even sweeter, Vineyard Vines is offering a Friends and Family discount right now. Simply enter the code FRIENDS at checkout.

Happy Shopping. 
It’s a Beautiful Day!



  1. I have a few friends who went and have said how wonderful the show was! I don't know how I missed hearing that they were here, because I would have loved to go! I saw them ages ago, when I was in college, at Madison Square Garden, which was great too!

  2. U2 was AMAZING...the best show I am ever been to! xx

  3. I was there too and loved it!

  4. I can't believe you have that Kate Spade dress! I have it too! I got it in leesburg and wore it this week.. great minds think alike. Aren't u2 the best ever.. love love love xo

  5. So glad you all loved the show! I loved it.

    @Lexiloo ~ I bet Madison Square Garden was fabulous.

    @Landlocked Mermaid ~ You're right! Great minds think alike. It's the perfect comfy dress that looks polished. I love everything from Kate Spade lately.

  6. I'm so excited to read your post because we're going to see U2 in Nashville next weekend - can't wait! They are my favorite band and this will be the first time I see them in concert. Woo hoo!

  7. You're going to love it JMW! Please let me know what you think of the concert. It was my first time seeing U2 and they put on quite a show. xoxo

  8. I agree! It was the best concert I've ever seen...EVER! I'm still high as a kite and have been singing Elevation for days. I'm certain we were so, so close!!! One of these days we will all meet in real life!

  9. BEST. EVER!!!!

    It was so much fun. We were on the field and I got the most amazing pictures from where we were.



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