Friday, June 3, 2011

Pippa's Bag

Modalu’s Bristol bag has been re-christened as the Pippa!

Hopsy from Kappa Prep and I are at the top of the list on Team Pippa and are eagerly (and patiently) waiting to get our hands on this lovely bag, in the Shark color, naturally. The bag sold out quickly after Pippa Middleton was spotted carrying her iconic bag around town, but luckily for fashionistas, it will be re-issued.

The interior has lots of pockets to keep my bag neat and organized. I love the hardware details like the zippers, too.

Pippa became an almost-instant icon after the royal wedding. She tends to choose looks that are flattering to her figure. Jackets, wrap dresses, and tall boots are all basics in Pippa's wardrobe.

Modalu's Pippa bag looks fabulous with almost any ensemble and will be the go-to bag in your wardrobe for quite a while. The Pippa bag is perfect with everything from dresses to jeans. Pippa looks fabulous with her bag paired with white jeans and a blue blazer the day after the royal wedding.

Pre-order your bag now for a mid-November delivery. This will only be available for a short time for pre-sale, so I wouldn't delay!


P.S. Look what just arrived in my email.


September 16 Update! My Pippa Modalu bag arrived...2 months ahead of schedule. Stay tuned for pictures and styling tips of the newest addition to my handbag collection.

Check out the Pippa boot, too!  So pretty!


  1. ohhh I'm soooo tempted. How much is it in $?

  2. Laur~ It's just around $300 US with shipping included.

  3. Love it, but will sadly have to pass it by. Enjoy yours!!!



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