Sunday, June 19, 2011

School's Out For the Summer!

What's on your summer to do list?

For me, the end of the school year is something that I look forward to for months. I enjoy the break and love to spend time with my minnies. But summer break can be a challenge for children and mommies who are accustomed to the structure of school.

Here are some tips to make your summer stress free.

1. Stay busy. No matter where you live, there are so many wonderful activities during the summer. Free activities such as library events and museums are a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Local movie theaters have special summer matinee deals, too. Local parks and zoos are another fun pick. Check out local newspapers and websites for a list of activities.

2. Splash around in the water. Avoid the summer heat by staying cool in the water. Even if you are at home, children enjoy splashing around in a sprinkler, a water basin, or small kiddie pool. Splashing through puddles is fun, too!

3. Chores. Yes, chores. With the little ones at home, the household chores seem to multiply with more plates and messes. Involve children in household chores, no matter what their age. Younger children can help with simple tasks such as cleaning up after themselves, while older children can unload the dishwasher and help with many other things around the house. Plus, chores are a great way for children to earn excursions that you were planning to do!

4. Learn something new. Summer is a time to learn outside of the classroom. Try some fun science projects outside or plant a vegetable garden and observe it as it grows. My girls love to watch bugs and all kinds of creepy crawly things during the summer. Luckily, they leave them outside of the house!

5. Get cooking. Lemonade and popsicles are fabulous warm weather treats and are fun for children to make. Baking cookies or other treats is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon, but even lunch can turn into a fun adventure with cool cookie cutters and other kid friendly options.

6. Set limits. Decide how much television, video games, and cell phone usage you will allow and let your children know your expectations. Children can eventually get bored by watching too much tv!

7. It takes a village. Play dates with friends turn into fun for moms and children. Plan things together with others and turn an ordinary day into something fun for everyone.

How do you keep your little ones busy during the summer?  What are your favorite summer activities?



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  1. I love going to the park with a good book in the summertime. It's a nice way to have a mini vacation.



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