Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Mix Tape

Happy First Day of Summer! Celebrate the first day of summer by wearing your Lilly because it’s also National Wear Your Lilly Pulitzer Day.

Of course, wearing Lilly isn’t too difficult for me, since I wear Lilly almost every day, especially during the summer. The Worth Shift is a favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress in my closet and I love the Originals print Multi Summer Mix from Summer 2011. Adorable multi colored mixtape cassettes make up this fun retro print.

Another fantastic choice in this print is the Original Tote. It’s large enough for everything you need at the pool or beach, yet small enough that you could carry it around town. I love all of the pockets and pouches that help keep everything organized.

There’s something so nostalgic and special about a mixtape. In college, my mixtapes always had a theme. The songs were artfully arranged to tell a story; to share a theme with the recipient. I had the mixtape down to a science and there were all kinds of silly, self imposed rules.

Flash forward a decade or so, and although the medium has changed, there is not much difference between an old school cassette mixtape and a mixtape ipod playlist. Some kinds of mixtape are standards in every collection.

Mixtapes You Need
~ Party Mix
~ Summer Mix
~ Workout Mix

Just like a great mixtape, wearing Lilly makes me happy and instantly puts me in a good mood. Today, I’m going to play my favorite summer mix in my Lilly and make it a fabulous start to summer.  To make it even better, I'm going to have lunch at the American Girl cafe with the minnies, one of their BFF's and one of my BFF's.  A perfect day!

What Lilly are you wearing today? What songs do you have on your favorite mixtape?


Images via Lilly Pulitzer and Pinterest.


  1. Of course had to wear Lilly today! I posted about it on my blog too!

  2. I love this print! I have the Tate Skirt and get so many compliments when I wear it :) I also think the shift is adorable and it's currently on my Lilly wishlist!

  3. Love the idea that the iPod is the 21st century mix tape. Summer-themed songs make me happy.

    I have to dress conservatively, so I've added a Murfee to my ensemble.

    Have fun w/ the minnies at the American Girl cafe.

  4. I loved the whole multi summer mix print from Lilly! I really want to get the tote in that pattern! And of course I wore my Lilly today too! Great blog!


  5. @Annie You look gorgeous in your avatar picture.

    @life love laughter The Tate skirt is so cute. Love it.

    @Carole Thanks!

    @Morgan Hope you had a great day!

  6. My "mixed tape" is actually the best ever one hit wonders of the early to mid nineties! Big fun...

  7. I wore my simple skirt in creme fraise and a hot pink Lilly vneck sweater from ages ago....don't know the style name! And my mix tapes vary, but they always have Kenny Chesney's Keg in the Closet on them!



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