Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wegmans Shopping Experience

This weekend, Wegmans opened in my town. Wegmans is not just a grocery store, it is a shopping experience. On opening day, over 1,800 people were lined up before the store opened and over 20,000 people visited in one day! Even though the store was wall to wall with people, I had an incredibly positive experience in every area of the store and went through the checkout line in record time; that is when I finally decided I wanted to pay for my goodies and actually leave this foodie’s paradise.

Let’s start at the bakery. Wegmans has the most amazing bakery. The pastries, tarts, and ├ęclairs are prettier and tastier than most of the desserts in upscale restaurants. The prices are very accessible and the lemon tart is my favorite. I’m going to buy a tart for a picnic this weekend.

My mother says that you can tell a good croissant by the sound of it. She heartily gives the crunchy-on-the-outside Wegmans croissant her seal of approval. So many different muffin and danish varieties are presented in baskets that remind me of an old school bakery.

Cookie lovers appreciate the variety of tea cookies, sugar cookies, and decorated cookies. Mix and match as you please, as all of the cookies are sold by weight. Friendly employees eagerly shared samples with the minnies as we admired the baked goods.

The bread. Oh, the bread! If I wouldn’t have known better, I easily could have thought that I was in a European bakery with the variety of hearty loaves of bread.

Instead of regular dinner rolls, I bought a variety of rolls to arrange in a bread basket. The pretzel rolls are superb.

With the spectacular floral department at Wegmans, I may not have to find another florist in the future. Very well informed employees assist customers with any need imaginable, from a bunch of flowers to take home to custom designed floral arrangements for weddings.

Margaret, a very helpful Wegmans employee, told me that the roses are imported from Colombia. Red, pink, orange, yellow, and a myriad of other hues are a bargain at $9.99 a dozen.

Of course, if you want to design your own arrangements, you can purchase all of the elements that you need to create stunning floral designs.

The pink Gerberas are pretty and very well priced. Wegmans flower department inspires me to fill my house with fresh flowers! Love!

I'm thrilled to have Wegmans in my backyard. I'm going to find a lot of excuses to do a lot of grocery shopping this summer.

Do you have a Wegmans close to you?



  1. I wish there was a Wegman's close to me - enjoy - I am so jealous!

  2. Am I ever hungry now? All of it looks divine! Thanks for sharing. Charlotte needs a Wegmans!!

  3. oh we have a wegmans, but I cannot go there unless I have quite a bit of time! I have even said I'm going in JUST for strawberries but yet, I end up there for an hour with a million other thigns! Its great, but you're right…its' a shopping experience for sure!

  4. I heart Wegman's :)
    So glad they're down here!!!

  5. i actually made the trek last week. i always get their pink grapefruit sorbet, which is divine!!!

  6. Pink grapefruit sorbet sounds delicious! I'll have to look for that the next time I go to Wegmans.

  7. Envious and feeling deprived. We're lucky to have a Winn-Dixie, Wal-Mart and Harvey's. They don't know what grapefruite sorbet is much less have!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I've never seen one. It sounds fabulous!

  9. NO, but I now wish I did!! xoxo

  10. If you're on vacation close to a Wegmans, it's worth a visit. I hear that there is one close to the Lilly Warehouse sale this week. :)

  11. It was so exciting!! Went at 6 pm on Sunday and I am so happy this one is nicer than Hunt Valley!!

  12. Ooh! I've never been to a Wegmans. I'm embarrassed to say I've not heard of it either. It looks absolutely devine!

  13. I LOVE Wegmans, I'm so jealous!

  14. We have several in the Northern, VA area, but none right here in the Arlington/DC radius. Whenever I go to one, it is definitely an experience! I stopped in one on a drive home to SC to visit my folks last summer. I ended up being 2 hours later than planned due to my "quick stop" at Wegmans! :)



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