Monday, July 11, 2011

Best Shower Ever

This weekend, I was treated to the most invigorating and luxurious spa treatment for my birthday.  In the past, I have had body scrubs, but this weekend's spa treatment was the best I’ve ever had.  I decided to get a sugar scrub.  At first, I was thinking about a massage or a body wrap (fantastic to tighten everything up!) but chose the scrub to help my summer glow!
The esthetician started with a sweet smelling sugar scrub that was carefully massaged into my body with essential oils.  Then she added a white tea body masque. 
To finish the treatment, I had a Vichy shower.  If you’ve never had a Vichy shower, find a spa near you that has one.  If I could install a Vichy shower in my house, I would do it in a heartbeat!   Water fell from multiple rotating and pulsating shower heads that gently massaged my back and legs as I reclined on the table.  So amazing.  The sweet smell of the aromatherapy and steam was incredibly relaxing.  The Vichy shower helps to improve circulation, too. 
It was the best shower I’ve ever experienced.  The second best (and former #1) shower was at El Tamarindo Resort in Mexico.  There was a waterfall shower head at the top of the shower and multiple side jets in the wall.  But the Vichy shower wins because it is a shower you take without even having to stand! 
Have you ever had a Vichy shower?  What is your favorite spa treatment? 


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  1. OMG you lucky girl!!!!!!

    Visit my blog today for a fun blog hop! xoxo

  2. Sounds great! What spa did you go to?

  3. Soooo jealous!! that sounds amazing!! what spa did you go to?

  4. As my birthday present, I went to a surprise beach getaway and went to a spa there. I'm searching for a local spa with a Vichy shower and will let you know when I find one!

  5. I have never had a Vichy shower, but I am going to Google it and find one. It sounds AMAZING!

  6. I've never heard of that, it sounds amazing! I'm off to google some in my area! xoxo

  7. Sounds fabulous! Happy you enjoyed your weekend. I'll have to google it in my area and see if it's offered. I could use a good massage!

  8. I love a Vichy shower. The spa I used to go to, but sadly no longer exists, had one. I treated myself about every other month, to their spa package with the Vichy. Pure delight! And NO, you don't feel like your drowning, and yes, you want to stay longer. I am trying to find a new spa that has one. So far, I have been out of luck.



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