Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Day at the Beach

I like to think that I’m an expert packer. If the airline weight limit is 50 pounds, I’ll check in my 49.5 pound bag. I can fit an amazing amount of luggage in a trunk like a jigsaw puzzle. This week, I’ll be packing and unpacking a lot, so I thought it might be a good idea to talk about some packing tips.

Packing for a trip to the beach is a little bit different from packing for a vacation to the city. Here’s a list of the basics that you’ll need for fun by the water.

1. Swim suits. Of course, you’ll need a bathing suit, but be sure to bring more than you need. No one likes putting on a semi-wet bathing suit when you’re dry. Plan on bringing at least 2 or 3 suits so that you can always be sure to have a dry suit, even if you went for a late night dip in the pool. Did you know that Vineyard Vines has a fabulous swim line? My pick for today is a black VV bikini, but I also love their tankini.

2. Coverups. Even if you’re beach front, you’ll still have to get from point A to point B, so a coverup is a good idea. It’s great added protection from the sun and offers a little bit of modesty when you go to get a snack. I’m partial to long sleeved tunics from Calypso, Lilly Pulitzer, and surprisingly, Lands End Canvas.

3. Flip flops. Lilly Pulitzer McKims and water don’t mix! Opt for a pair of Jack Rogers jelly sandals to wear your favorite Navajo style. Eliza B flip flops are another fabulous choice.

4. Sunscreen and lotion. You’ll need to protect your skin at the beach, pool, or summer resort. I love Supergoop SPF 30 Everyday Protection. Be sure to pack your favorite regular body lotion to keep your skin hydrated.

5. Beach bag. I’ll never forget my first purchase in Acapulco, Mexico. After carefully packing a suitcase, I got dressed and was ready to hit the beach when I realized that I had my purse and my suitcase…and no beach bag! Since taking the plastic “lavanderia” bag from the closet in the hotel was not a viable option, I immediately purchased a big straw beach bag to take my books, lotion, and music to the beach.

6. Small plastic bags or market totes. Another important bag to pack is a small plastic bag or market tote for wet clothes or shells.   (I guess you could use the plastic "lavanderia" bag here in a pinch.)

7. Resort clothing. The beach is a place to show your style (and your Lilly.) Be bold and wear lots of color and print.


Shopping List

What do you always pack for a beach vacation?



  1. great post-everything you need for a perfect beach trip! Stop by to check out my fabulous Lilly giveaway!

  2. Thanks for all the great tips! These will be so handy for my next summer trip!

  3. Thanks for all the great tips! These will be so handy for my next summer trip!

  4. Lip Balm- my lips do not retain any moisture so I'm constantly re-applying my Rosebud Mocha Salve throughout the day.

    Sunnies and Croakies- especially if I want to wear my sunnies in the water, Croakies (my favorite is my Lilly pair) keep them in place.

    Love, love, love this post! This will be so handy for my (hopefully) upcoming trip to Hilton Head but first I have to gear up for the Georgetown Side Walk Sale!

  5. SnailGal! Great tips. I LOVE Rosebud Salve. The best! xoxo



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