Monday, July 18, 2011

Dressing Room Almost-Disaster

Yesterday, the minnies helped me avoid a potential dressing room disaster. We were shopping at Tory Burch and I saw the most beautiful dress. On another customer.

I looked around the store for another dress to try on and finally asked a sales person where I could find this gorgeous dress. She told me that the Stephanie tunic dress was on sale and was the last one they had. Mmmmm. I slyly eyed the other customer who looked like she was about my size and waited to see if she was going to buy the dress. Of course, the customer ended up buying the blue and white Stephanie tunic dress that was a mega sale price.

The helpful sales person mentioned that they had a Stephanie tunic top in the same style and that it was also on sale. It was an amazing buy.  Instant smile on my face. Here’s where things take an interesting turn…

The conversation went something like this...
Salesperson: There’s just one thing. It’s a size 0.
Me: My left pinky isn’t a size 0. There’s no way it will fit me.
Salesperson: Oh, but the tunic runs large. I bought this in a size 2.
Me: (Looking at the salesperson who seems to be about my size.) Ok, well if the 2 fits you, it might be ok.

I had to try it. My shoulders are narrow and I kept telling myself that this was going to work.

So I put on the tunic and fell in love with it. As I stepped out from the purple ikat curtained dressing room and looked in the full length mirror, I knew that I had to have this tunic. My girls smiled with approval. All of the sales associates at Tory Burch smiled with approval.

But when I went back into the dressing room to change, I discovered that I couldn’t take off the tunic. I couldn’t bend my arms and twist it over my head. The shirt wouldn't budge.  It was too small to remove.  I could put it on ~ I just couldn't take it off.

Having visions of a ripped Tory Burch tunic or being stuck in a dressing room all day, I knew that I needed help. So I had to call for reinforcements. The minnies.

Imagine the scene. I’m on the floor of the dressing room, while both minnies stand on the bench. Raising my arms straight up in the air, they carefully pull the tunic up and over my head. It was quite a process. Seriously, I had broken into a sweat by the time the whole ordeal had ended.

As I left the dressing room, the sales person asked if I was going to get the tunic. I told her that I was going to pass on this one. ;)

Have you ever had a dressing room near disaster?


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  1. This is too funny....& yes, I have countless near miss dressing room disasters!

  2. LOL ..yes, this has happened to me with Tory Burch & Lilly! I (unlike you) have very large shoudlers/back and always have difficulty with fitted dresses/tops. And .. I might add, I do not have any daughters to help me in the dressing rooms! ;)

  3. Oh Bethany, yes! I've had a number of near disasters, the worst being on my lunch break, in a hurry and the back of my skirt in my tights. (Thank goodness I was 24 and had a MUCH better looking backside but still!)I'm glad the minnies were there to save the day!

  4. Oh my goodness, that is too funny! I wish it would have worked out for you, it is such a beautiful tunic!

    I am new to blogging, and would love if you would stop by and visit me!

  5. YES! No man can ever understand a panicky claustrophobia moment if they've never been stuck in a shirt or dress before in a nice dressing room. It's horrible!

  6. OMG I have totally had this happen! But, the salesladies see it all the time so it's not like they would blog about having to help you get a top off ;o)

  7. This happened to my very tiny teenage daughter at a store at Tyson's once!



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