Monday, July 25, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2011

Although the thermometer is in the triple digits, fall is here! At least in Lilly Pulitzer stores, that is. Today the first delivery of fall launches online and in store today, July 25.  Other deliveries are expected for the 25th of each month for the next few months. One of my favorite seasons for Lilly is fall, second only to Resort. Since I have so many more months of cold weather in Maryland, I really do need more fall clothing. Splashes of color help to brighten my mood in the winter when everything else is a palette of gray and black. 

Fall 2011 promises to be a wonderful season. From what I have seen, I’m in love and am going to need multiple items in a few of the prints. I’m particularly impressed with the Lilly Pulitzer fall collection for minnies. My girls adore their Lilly, but sadly, many of the summer items were not practical for their size, growth, daily activities, or my budget. But fall seems to run true to size for minnies, is school and playground appropriate, and includes some outstanding price points.

The minnies immediately chose the Bella skirt with a bow in the Bright Navy Dress Rehearsal print. It is sized small-extra large and has a comfortable elastic waist. The length is above the knee and looked adorable with or without leggings. The skirt is lined, too.

Your Minnie will want a Mini Katia wrap in every color, too. The cotton wrap is a substantial weight and can be worn over dresses, turtlenecks, and tees. The best part is that this versatile piece is an amazing price at only $28! Letter sized.

Other favorites for minnies include comfy stretch knit dresses with adorable rugby stripes in navy and pink or with critters such as monkeys or a giraffe. Sweaters, leggings, and fleece trimmed in print ruffle round out the adorable Lilly Pulitzer 2011 Fall collection.

The Fall Collection revisits some winning dresses from previous seasons. You'll be happy to see the return of the Shauna dress, Adelson in some new gorgeous color combinations, the Connie dress, and the Jonah.

A gorgeous print for the Jonah and matching jacket has lots of high heeled shoes on it in pretty fall tones. There's also a cute little skirt that I saw in the heels print.

For my first official fall purchase, I chose the Noelle shirt in Bright Navy Showtime Dot. The pretty polka dots on solid navy are a fantastic way to make a transition to fall clothing. The button down shirt is perfect to wear now with some white jeans and will look perfect with a cardigan in the fall.  Peeps who are fortunate to have warm weather winters will get a lot of wear out of this shirt.  The shirt is shaped and fits true to size.  I'm 5'4" and it hits just below the hip. 

Fall 2011 has so many things that are work appropriate. In my opinion, some of the colors and styles are a slight departure from traditional Lilly Pulitzer clothing, but I love the look and am thrilled that there are so many classic pieces for work.

My next purchase? Without a doubt, I'm loving the Lilly Pulitzer Christy shirtdress in Sky Blue Thrill of the Chase. The dress is stylized, not boxy, and has front pockets. It's fitting true to size.  From the few pieces I tried, fall does not seem to be cut as slim as some pieces I have from spring that seemed to run very small.

When you you start buying clothes to transition to fall?



  1. I can't wait to see the whole collection, it looks promising!

    Emily @

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  3. aaah I am so excited to see the entire collection! I love the "back to school" season even though I am well past school age and don't have kids!

  4. Is that a wrap dress I see on the right? I can never resist a good wrap dress!

  5. I can't wait until Lilly's fall line officially comes out!! I have feeling that their wrap sweaters will quickly find their way into my closet!!


  6. I dont want it to be fall quite yet! But lilly sure does help me transition =]



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