Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Power of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Although no one should live in the past, it’s incredibly therapeutic (and fun) to remember happy memories. Some of my best inspiration comes from past memories and experiences.

Remembering good times from childhood, college days, or even a recent fun memory can instantly boost your mood and brighten your day. Anything can trigger a good memory. A friend recently mentioned remembering exactly what I was wearing on a certain day – almost 20 years ago – after seeing someone in a similar ensemble.  It's a good thing.

As MTV approaches the 30 year anniversary, I started to recall some of my favorite nostalgic childhood experiences and favorite things. As I saw Kiel James Patrick wish for a pair of vintage Dooney & Bourke Boat Shoes the other day on Facebook, I decided that vintage equals nostalgia, and that nostalgia is good.

Here are some things that still make me smile.

The Snoopy Sno-Cone machine was one of my favorite and most coveted, yes, coveted Christmas gifts one year. Now, the “Original” toy is for sale in Barnes and Noble. When I saw it in the store, the catchy tune instantly played in my mind. “It's the Yum Yum Fun that is cool and keen and it's name is the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine. You put ice cubes in and get a snow cone out."

Music is a major nostalgia trigger for me. I've always loved all kinds of music. Duran Duran is still one of my favorite 80s bands. I had such a crush on Simon Le Bon!

Of course, Skatehaven, the cool roller rink I used to frequent, tended to play more rock and pop than Duran Duran. I loved my roller skates with matching pom poms and toe stops. All of the boys and girls would skate separately or stand along the wall of the rink in groups until couples skate. Do you hear Wham's Careless Whisper playing in the back of your head now?

The Trapper Keeper was the must have binder for school. A normal three ring binder simply would not do. Each class had a section in the notebook. The collective sound of ripping Velcro as students opened the Trapper Keepers was a sign that class had begun.

My green raincoat with blue whales is a reversible preppy treasure, though I always loved the printed side the most. I was always preppy and my general style has not really ever changed. I like to think that I have simply matured and evolved while still being the same person I was as a child.

Some of my first expressions of fashion and style were created using my Fashion Plates. My sister and I would create oodles of designs for hours on end.

Long before cell phones, I felt like a rockstar to have my very own phone in my own room. Of course, my parents would never let me make or accept calls before or after certain hours, but I was in heaven to be able to talk on the phone in my room. Twirling the phone cord in my fingers as I gossiped flirted chatted was all part of the fun!

What kinds of things trigger happy memories for you?  What toys, games, or clothing do you most remember from your childhood?


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  1. Although I wasn't allowed to have a phone in my room, I loved Roller Skating, my Snoopy-Sno Cone Machine, and especially Fashion Plates! :-)

    One thing that cracks my boys up is the idea that we would wait, tape recorder in hand, for our favorite songs to come on the radio so that we could tape them.

  2. I had so many Barbies and Beanie Babies. I've avoided going through them for a while now. Haha.

  3. Those skates are an absolute hoot! I love your collection of images!! I hope you are having a wonderful time with all of your travels this summer xoxo Clare

  4. I had the snoopy snow cone machine!! It was sooo hard to get the ice to crush haha

  5. I forgot all about the trapper keeper! HOw about turtlenecks with small hearts or ladybugs on them?

  6. OMG I LOVED all of thoses! I forgot about Traper Keepers they were the bomb! The raincoat, all of those take me back to happy times and memories. The phons in my room and when I got my own line was the best!!! SO funny, I had the snoopy machine too!

  7. Bethany- I loved your post today. Too cute! Do you think you and your readers would be interested in reading a blog with tips to save money and get good deals on preppy clothes and accessories? I'm thinking of starting one!

  8. I loved my trapper keeper! In fact...the other day I was in Wallies and was looking to see if they still make them! I would love to rrrrrip one one!

  9. I am definitely behind in commenting on this post, but I have it starred, still in my email inbox. I had everything you listed except for the pompoms on my skates and the clear phone. I had the exact raincoat and I spent hours on my fashion plates. And how can we not forget the Trapper Keeper. I even saw Duran Duran in concert!

    I also remember Swatch watches and wearing them in multiples. And being so excited when my brother and I received our Atari.

    Probably the things that are most nostalgic to me were the simple things... Playing outside, riding our bikes with streamer handlebars, and my mother blowing her whistle that could be heard throughout the entire neighborhood signaling it was time to come home.

    Though I have many more, I will stop here and thank you for my trip down memory lane.

  10. Wow!!! I absolutely loved this!! THE FASHION PLATES!!!! OMG I totally forgot about those! SHAME ON MEEEE!!! I so wish i could find mine, oh, and the clear phone! I had that exact phone! My parents got me my own line, and boy I was the bees knees!!!! LOL LOL thanks Great Blog!

  11. Oh. Wow. FASHION PLATES! And I ultraloved Wham. OMG. Love this post; glad I found your blog! :)

  12. Furbies and the mini Beanie babies that McDonald's used to give out in happy meals. 90s kid right here :)



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