Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gilt City Giveaway and Interview

Yesterday I was so delighted to see an interview published in City Unlisted about Maryland Pink and Green.  It was a fun interview and I'm thrilled with the feature.  The interviewers first question still resonates with me. Why is Maryland Pink and Green so popular?  It's because of my readers.

Thank you so much.  Your comments, emails, and suggestions are what keep me writing.  I find myself looking for content to suit your interests more than ever.  It is because of this loyal following that Maryland Pink and Green was featured on Gilt City's incredibly popular website. 

To thank and reward your loyalty, this week, I am offering a $50 gift card to Gilt City to one lucky winner.  Other giveaways and surprises will follow. 

Use the gift card at for any one of their cities across the United States.  Currently, Gilt City curates upscale restaurant, spa, and other experiences in 10 major cities.  Don't worry if you don't live in a Gilt City.  There are many deals that can be used online such as Eleni's cookies and Bonobos clothing. 

The entries you can earn for this giveaway are endless!  Here's how you can enter to win $50 from Gilt City. 

1.  1 Entry:   Follow Maryland Pink and Green on Blogger
2.  1 Entry:  Follow Maryland Pink and Green on facebook.
3.  1 Entry for each referral:  Share this giveaway with friends through social media sites like facebook, twitter, and blogs.  Get 1 additional entry for each friend who mentions you as the person who referred them in their contest entry.

So comment away and enter to win. 

The contest ends on Wednesday, September 7 at 11:59 p.m.  A winner will be selected using a random number generator.  The lucky winner will be announced on September 8! 



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Sale You Can't Miss

If the Lilly Pulitzer sales were not enough for you last week, you will love the Kate Spade sample sale. There are some incredible deals to be had and shipping is only $5.

Kate Spade is quickly becoming my go to choice for work because the pieces are so classic and the quality of the clothing is excellent. I do find that the clothing runs large to a certain degree, and tend to size down. That’s always a huge bonus, right? In particular, if you are interested in the Jillian dress, be sure to size down in this.

Here are some of my top picks for the Kate Spade Sample Sale.

The Noura Coat. The pink color is stunning and will match everything in your wardrobe. This coat can be worn for three seasons depending on where you live because the fabric is a crisp cotton blend.

Chrystie Street Bag in green. This bag is large enough to fit everything that you carry and is a perfect pop of color to your wardrobe. I love the lining in Kate Spade bags; it’s like a party in your purse!

The Date Night ring is better than a little string around your finger to remind a special someone that it’s time for a date. Wear the ring out to dinner or everyday to help your perfect manicure take the spotlight.

The polka dot Renee boots would have been helpful for this weekend’s hurricane. Pick up these beauties at an amazing price and be prepared for the next deluge.

Access the Sample Sale through this link and have fun shopping!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Bowling Birthday Party

The minnies celebrated their birthday at a bowling party this weekend. They had a relatively small party this year, with 12 party guests in attendance. It was a fun celebration for everyone! Bowling is a fun activity for both boys and girls and is appropriate for all ages. We played duckpin bowling, which uses a smaller ball that is held in the palm of the hand. It was easy for even the youngest party guest to play.

For this casual party I toned down the decorating scheme; a candy buffet would have been too much. Here are some of the special touches from the tablescape and party favor details.

The place setting was easy to set up and inexpensive. Pretty scrapbooking paper is a perfect base for party plates and is a unique contrast on the neutral silk shantung tablecloth. Many of the girls took their “placemat” with them and want to use it at home. It’s amazing what a fun twist on a familiar thing can do. The sturdy plate is perfect for pizza and other treats. Party guests also loved getting a trophy. Of course, two of the boys decided to drink their Sprite and fruit punch out of the trophy. Ah, the difference between girls and boys. Hahaha

My favorite party favor was the gorgeous bowling shoe cookie. Shannon from The Sweet Shop Cookie Co designed the delicious cookie with our party colors in mind. They were delicious. Skinny tubes of green and blue M&M’s are another fun and delicious treat.

Cupcakes are a favorite for my double digit darlings! The children enjoyed the delicious Madagascar vanilla cupcakes topped in green and blue candy.

And the adults appreciated sweet treats in red velvet, key lime, and salted caramel. Yum!

It's hard to believe that my little twincesses are ten! They've turned into such young ladies in the past few months.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flying in Style

Airline travel used to be quite enchanting. Although I love travel, I really loved flying as a young girl. I always met the captain before the flight. Flight attendants (formerly known as stewardesses) offered magazines and snacks to me. Once I even got a deck of cards. On one flight to Chicago on a huge jet, my mother took me upstairs to see the lounge. It was probably the most glamorous thing I had seen in all of my 9 years of life.

People dressed in their best clothing to travel by air. I’m eager to see Pan Am on television this fall just to see the fashions! Flash forward to the present and oh, how things have changed. From celebrities to ordinary peeps, so many people seem to throw every ounce of fashion sense they have in the security bin when they fly!

Is it a complete hassle to take off your shoes, stand in your socks, while waiting to be felt up by a TSA agent? Of course. It’s actually kind of demeaning, but that’s another topic.

But security issues aside, there is no reason to forget fashion while flying. I have seen dozens of people in the airport wearing pajama pants. That's right.  Nasty, plaid, faded pajama pants.  If you’re over the age of 2, this is simply not acceptable. Everyone wants to be comfortable while traveling, but it’s possible to be comfortable and polished on a plane.
come fly away

So what fashion tips should you consider while traveling?

1. Comfort is key. Wear luxury silk jersey, cotton, or cashmere. You will feel comfortable and look great. Clothing should fit well, but remember that this is not the time to wear your skinniest jeans. You want something that allows you to move.
2. Layer. Even if you’re headed to the tropics, you’ll probably need a wrap or sweater on the plane. The temperature in the airport and plane can vary widely and you’ll want to be able to add or remove layers as necessary.
3. Match your city of origin to your destination. It’s ridiculous to wear shorts to the airport when it is 25 degrees, even if you’re headed to the tropics. Choose all season prints, colors, and fabrics that are appropriate no matter what the destination or the origin is.
4. Choose non-wrinkle fabrics. You’ll be wearing your ensemble for quite a few hours and you want to look perfect upon arrival. Silk jersey is my personal favorite fabric for travel or every day wear. It’s incredibly comfortable and you look great all day.
5. Take care of yourself. Bring a tote with items you’ll appreciate during the flight. I always pack the big 5 M’s. Magazines, mints, music, munchies, and moisturizer. Sample sizes of moisturizer and beauty products are perfect for airline travel.

Take things up a notch from your every day wear and look fabulous while you travel. Trust me, it will make the upgrade a lot easier.

What do you wear when you travel by plane?

Shopping Guide

Forzieri leather handbag
$198 -

Longchamp handbag
$145 -

Lilly Pulitzer - Adalie Wrap Dress Printed
$158 -


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chalkboard Paint Fun

Chalkboard paint is so much fun to use. I love the idea of turning any surface into a chalk board. You may remember that I made Chalkboard Paint wine glasses a few weeks ago. The spray paint chalkboard paint was easy to use, but I wanted to continue to experiment with this fun paint.

I decided to try my hand at liquid chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint is available in different colors. I’ve seen black, green, blue, and even a pale pink! I found Rust-Oleum green chalkboard paint at Michael’s. Michael’s, Joanns, and other craft stores always seem to have a 40% coupon in the newspaper. There’s usually a coupon on the bottom of your receipt, too, so I rarely pay full price for anything at Michaels.

I found the cutest little clip boards made out of chipboard. They would be so cute to attach to buckets or bins to label toys, games, or supplies.

I used a small brush to paint each clip board with two coats of paint.  The directions on the paint can said to allow two hours between each coat and I followed this, although it seemed dry long before that.

Here's the finished product! The little clip boards are perfect to label classroom supplies in bins.

It's nearly impossible to write small letters on such a tiny surface with traditional chalk. To make this look perfect, you'll want to consider getting a set of liquid chalk markers.

If you've ever wondered how restaurants, delis, and Starbucks get their colorful chalkboard lettering to look so perfect, here's your answer. They use chalk markers.

You can find chalk markers at Michael's, usually in the paint and art supply area. With a 40% off coupon, you can get a complete set at a great price. If you can't find chalk markers in your area, you can get them online at

Where would you use chalkboard paint?


Friday, August 26, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Fall Event

Last night at Bloomingdales Tysons Corner, everything was perfectly pink and green, with a few splashes of bright navy blue for good measure. Lilly lovers celebrated the new Lilly Pulitzer fall collection with a Maryland Pink and Green launch party. The music was playing, the Bloomies peeps were dancing, and everyone was having a wonderful time! One male associate remarked that he had chosen his tie especially for the occasion and that he loved Lilly. 

Bloomingdales has an excellent selection of Lilly from both the first and second deliveries from fall.

I love the printed tees from fall, although I did need to size up in the Lexie this season. Right now, Bloomingdales has a gift with purchase of three tees. You'll receive an adorable pencil case!

Guests loved the preppy pink and green initial coaster party favor. A special thanks to Laura at the Silken Thread for her generous donation of this item.

Kayleigh was the perfect Lilly Pulitzer model. She showed some of the top picks for fall to party guests. This combination is gorgeous and I love the ribbed waist of the Cody argyle cardigan sweater.  Of course, the Noelle top and denim skirt and are incredibly versatile.  You can make dozens of outfits with these three pieces.  Kayleigh's favorite outfit of the evening was the Adalie dress in Follow the Pink Road.

Guests enjoyed pink and green cupcakes...

And Pink Lemonade...

In addition to preppy coasters and green gumballs, party attendees registered to win a Lilly Pulitzer cooler! I’m pleased to tell you that Megan D. is the lucky winner of this tote. Please contact me to arrange pick up of your prize.

The Lilly Pulitzer yoga mat was so popular as a gift with purchase at the Bloomingdales Fall Preview event! Now I need to get myself into gear and start the school year with some yoga.

Everyone had such a wonderful time at the event last night.  Here I am with two of my favorite peeps!  Thank you to everyone at Bloomingdales who made this event such a huge success. 

If you see something that you like (or need!) at Bloomingdales, please contact Enny Rojas at the Tysons Corner store at 703-556-4600.  Ask her about special promotions or gift with purchases that may still be available and be sure to tell her that I sent you.  She'll take great care of you!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

For the Next Ten Months...

My classroom will become my home away from home for the next 10 months.  Making it personal and colorful makes me smile while I'm at work. 

Setting up my classroom is one of my favorite things to do before the new school year starts. The minnies always like to help decorate and have great ideas about what they would want in their classroom.

This is the view from outside my door. I love my pink and green wreath and so do the students. It’s easy to know which room is mine!

As you open the door, this is the view of the classroom. I teach high school Spanish and love to have as many authentic materials and decorations as possible. Although I’ve probably tried every seating plan in the textbook, this year I have students in groups of four. This is perfect for working with a partner or a small group activities.

A classroom is a home away from home for students, too. This comfy reading area, stocked with my favorite social magazines from Mexico and Spain, is for students who finish work early. I also have some school supplies on hand for students who need them. Don’t you love the flower pencils? The green dragon is popular, too. He was a party favor at my friend’s wedding in Mexico.

All of my school supplies are neatly labeled in bright green and blue bins.

I climbed on a ladder to hang the cut out papel picado and flags from different Spanish speaking countries. If you’re traveling to a Spanish speaking country in the near future, please let me know. I’d love to have more flags from other countries to hang in the room.

My students love the foam party hats and globe that hangs from the ceiling. Fun! Spanish Magnetic Poetry on the white board is also entertaining for students after assignments are completed.

Everyone loves candy and everyone loves getting a prize. On the bookshelf behind my desk, I keep a sweet supply of some of my favorite candy from Mexico and the United States. It's fun for students to try new candy.

If you were a student in my class, this is what you would see. What do you think?


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lilly Fall Preview Event & Fit Guide

Join me tomorrow night at Bloomingdales at Tysons Corner for an exclusive fall preview event from Lilly Pulitzer from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Have you seen the new fall arrivals in person? You’ll have the opportunity to see an informal fashion show while you sip something sweet and enjoy a cupcake!

While I was finalizing some last minute party details, I decided to try on some of my favorites.

Here’s my take on Lilly Pulitzer fall with a fit guide to help you shop online or by phone.

The Noelle shirt is sized numerically and fits true to size. The shape is feminine with a defined waist and is not at all boxy. Perfect to wear now, the short sleeves fit neatly under a cardigan later. I’m 5’4” and the shirt hits mid hip. I love the polka dot print. 

The Adalie wrap dress is back for fall in three different prints. You’ll be pleased to know that all three prints are available at Bloomingdales in all sizes. The wrap dress is available in sizes xs-xl. I tried on a small and it fit perfectly. In my opinion, it’s fitting true to size. The empire wrap waist is very figure flattering and the self tie adjusts perfectly. Some wrap dresses cut too low in the front for my style, but Adalie is appropriate for work or play. This hits at the knee.  The spandex jersey material does not wrinkle, making Adalie a good traveling dress.

A printed tee is a fun way to add a pop of color and a whimsical print to your outfit. The Lexie crew returns for fall in almost every print pattern available. Natalia really likes the slubby cotton material, proclaiming that it is “very advanced t-shirt material.” It has a soft, almost silky feel to it. The Lexie is running a little bit small in my opinion; I would size up on this one.  It's sized by letter. 

When a new collection is released, it's easy to pick my favorite dresses.  But sometimes I overlook a winner! The Kearney wrap is a winner for fall. I want one in every color. The long sleeve wrap looks amazing over tees and has a perfect swing factor. Love this! I like the cutaway opening that is more like a Shere sweater than a bolero-type shape that other wraps have had in the past. This fits true to size and hits at the lower hip in the back and lower waist in the front.

Thank you Lilly Peeps for a comfy wrap that does not make me look like a pink and green toreador with a missing backside! 

Now, here’s what you’ve been wanting to read…the fit guide for dresses.

Let’s start with Vanessa. Vanessa fits true to size, but perhaps it is a little big in the hips. The bust and straps are true to size. It's a short little dress, cut just above the knee.  Taller peeps may find it to be short.  This dress is sized numerically. I’m loving the easy wear, no wrinkle ponte fabric of Vanessa. The empire waist is flattering to your tummy. This print is gorgeous for early fall when you can still have 90 degree days, but want to wear a fall print. Seriously, you’re going to want to squeeze in the last days of summer with this dress.

The Stephanie shift is also fitting true to size, although the shift dresses generally don't do too much to flatter my figure.  I did notice that the length on the Stephanie shift is work appropriate, which is always a bonus.  Sized numerically. 

In some seasons, I've had to size up in the Bowen dress.  This fall, the dress is running true to size.  While it's too short to be considered appropriate for work, even with a wrap, it's a cute dress for a date night.  Sized numerically.

You know what Lilly says, "Too much is never enough!"  Well, I can't get enough of the Sadie dress.  Back for the third season; Sadie is a Lilly fan favorite.  I'm starting to sound like a broken record about the no-wrinkle factor, but this dress is so easy to wear.  You'll look polished all day long and stay wrinkle free.  My biggest pet peeve is getting wrinkled from a 10 minute commute.  The rayon spandex jersey is uber comfortable - you'll be as comfortable in a dress as you would be in sweats.  Seriously. 

Last year I liked the Brinkley shirt dress.  This year I love the Christy shirt dress.  Get it? Christy.  Brinkley.  Coincidence?  I don't think anything is a coincidence with Lilly and I love it!  The numerically sized shirt dress fits true to size, although I do think that the tie waist was a little bit low for my petite frame.  If you're average or tall in height, this will fit you perfectly.  I ended up pairing the dress with the navy critter belt instead of the belt that came with the dress and loved the look. 

Please join me tomorrow at Bloomingdales from 5-7 for this fun Lilly Pulitzer event. There will be suprises and a fabulous gift with purchase. Although there is no need to RSVP, you can see more details about the event on the facebook page.



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