Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chalkboard Paint Fun

Chalkboard paint is so much fun to use. I love the idea of turning any surface into a chalk board. You may remember that I made Chalkboard Paint wine glasses a few weeks ago. The spray paint chalkboard paint was easy to use, but I wanted to continue to experiment with this fun paint.

I decided to try my hand at liquid chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint is available in different colors. I’ve seen black, green, blue, and even a pale pink! I found Rust-Oleum green chalkboard paint at Michael’s. Michael’s, Joanns, and other craft stores always seem to have a 40% coupon in the newspaper. There’s usually a coupon on the bottom of your receipt, too, so I rarely pay full price for anything at Michaels.

I found the cutest little clip boards made out of chipboard. They would be so cute to attach to buckets or bins to label toys, games, or supplies.

I used a small brush to paint each clip board with two coats of paint.  The directions on the paint can said to allow two hours between each coat and I followed this, although it seemed dry long before that.

Here's the finished product! The little clip boards are perfect to label classroom supplies in bins.

It's nearly impossible to write small letters on such a tiny surface with traditional chalk. To make this look perfect, you'll want to consider getting a set of liquid chalk markers.

If you've ever wondered how restaurants, delis, and Starbucks get their colorful chalkboard lettering to look so perfect, here's your answer. They use chalk markers.

You can find chalk markers at Michael's, usually in the paint and art supply area. With a 40% off coupon, you can get a complete set at a great price. If you can't find chalk markers in your area, you can get them online at

Where would you use chalkboard paint?



  1. How did I miss your post? Chalkboard wine glasses sounds so fun!

  2. Since I teach at the OPPOSITE end of the spectrum from you, I adore chalkboard paint. One year for Christmas gifts I made all my kids slates using full~sized clipboards and chalkboard paint. I just added a small pre~painted cute wood cut with hot glue! They loved their gifts!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  3. LOVE your tags {and your cute classroom!}. I recently did a whole wall in the Rustoleum paint for one of my Cuties' rooms and was so pleased with the product.

  4. Awww. that is such a fun idea!!!I love them! xoxo

  5. Love this. I have the green buckets in pink from Target. Wish they still sold them. Is that where you got them? Liquid chalk markers? Who knew? Seriously love this.

  6. I LOVE those mini clipboards! Did you also get those at Michael's?? I have some new things for my list of things to get! I may have to figure out a use for this paint in my office! :-). XOXO

  7. Love those mini clip boards! The chalk paint is a great idea :)

  8. These are just too cute Bethany! What a perfect way to label school supplies!



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