Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flying in Style

Airline travel used to be quite enchanting. Although I love travel, I really loved flying as a young girl. I always met the captain before the flight. Flight attendants (formerly known as stewardesses) offered magazines and snacks to me. Once I even got a deck of cards. On one flight to Chicago on a huge jet, my mother took me upstairs to see the lounge. It was probably the most glamorous thing I had seen in all of my 9 years of life.

People dressed in their best clothing to travel by air. I’m eager to see Pan Am on television this fall just to see the fashions! Flash forward to the present and oh, how things have changed. From celebrities to ordinary peeps, so many people seem to throw every ounce of fashion sense they have in the security bin when they fly!

Is it a complete hassle to take off your shoes, stand in your socks, while waiting to be felt up by a TSA agent? Of course. It’s actually kind of demeaning, but that’s another topic.

But security issues aside, there is no reason to forget fashion while flying. I have seen dozens of people in the airport wearing pajama pants. That's right.  Nasty, plaid, faded pajama pants.  If you’re over the age of 2, this is simply not acceptable. Everyone wants to be comfortable while traveling, but it’s possible to be comfortable and polished on a plane.
come fly away

So what fashion tips should you consider while traveling?

1. Comfort is key. Wear luxury silk jersey, cotton, or cashmere. You will feel comfortable and look great. Clothing should fit well, but remember that this is not the time to wear your skinniest jeans. You want something that allows you to move.
2. Layer. Even if you’re headed to the tropics, you’ll probably need a wrap or sweater on the plane. The temperature in the airport and plane can vary widely and you’ll want to be able to add or remove layers as necessary.
3. Match your city of origin to your destination. It’s ridiculous to wear shorts to the airport when it is 25 degrees, even if you’re headed to the tropics. Choose all season prints, colors, and fabrics that are appropriate no matter what the destination or the origin is.
4. Choose non-wrinkle fabrics. You’ll be wearing your ensemble for quite a few hours and you want to look perfect upon arrival. Silk jersey is my personal favorite fabric for travel or every day wear. It’s incredibly comfortable and you look great all day.
5. Take care of yourself. Bring a tote with items you’ll appreciate during the flight. I always pack the big 5 M’s. Magazines, mints, music, munchies, and moisturizer. Sample sizes of moisturizer and beauty products are perfect for airline travel.

Take things up a notch from your every day wear and look fabulous while you travel. Trust me, it will make the upgrade a lot easier.

What do you wear when you travel by plane?

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  1. I always wear a comfortable dress and wrap or sweater when flying (I agree, silk jersey is lovely). So many others consider security a reason for forgo polish (and worse, sometimes hygiene!) Your 5 M's are great too. I also consider hand sanitizer a must.

  2. LOVED this post...all SO true! And I too can't wait to see Pan Am; I HOPE it's good!

  3. Layers is great and it annoys me too when I see people in pajamas! I wear a lot of dresses and put leggings underneath depending on the weather and always a wrap or scarf.

  4. I totally agree. I like to look put together when I travel. I like to wear a jacket or light trench coat with a pretty dress and ballet flats.

  5. Couldnt agree more!!! I was flying with my family over EAster last year and I had on a comfy little dress and a cardigan, my uncle had on slacks and a sport coat, my aunt had a nice outfit on, etc…we were the MINORITY!!! Its disappointing. I love getting dressed up, so even if it's just going to the airport, I'm excited!

  6. Great tips! I will say I sometimes wear yoga pants while flying, but I pair it with a cute cardigan and scarf on top to make them semi-chic!

  7. My mom used to make us dress for travel because she thought we received better service if we were appropriately dressed. Now a days I've seen people on airplanes half naked or in pajamas.

  8. I agree completely! I am also looking forward to watching Pan Am, mostly for the fashion...



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