Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wasabi: A Unique Dining Experience

A restaurant’s atmosphere is almost as important as the food and service and contributes so much to the overall dining experience. For a romantic dinner, privacy and space are important. Other times, tables that are close to each other or even communal tables add a fun twist on the meal.

But what about eating in the middle of a mall? Wasabi has such a unique concept. The restaurant is open air and does not have any walls. You’re literally in the middle of a fishbowl, so to speak. People watching is a favorite pastime for the minnies and me, so we loved the idea of this restaurant. We watched peeps in the mall and they watched us, too!

Of course, the conveyor belt where you select your food is another fun novelty at Wasabi. The minnies and I stared at the conveyor belt and watched for several minutes before making selections. The dishes are all covered, so no sneezes or fingers touch your food before you do! (I went to a restaurant with a similar concept a few years ago that had uncovered dishes and a sneeze guard...gross!)

After the dishes are prepared in a center island, they are labeled and placed on the conveyor belt. Color coded plates tell you how much each dish costs. At the end of your meal, the server tallies your dishes by color to total your bill.

We started out with a seaweed salad.

Then we tried a vegetarian roll.

My personal favorite was the shrimp tempura roll.

The menu has a good selection of items. If you don’t see something on the conveyor that you want, you can order from the menu and your server will bring it to you. There are some soups, salads, and hot dishes on the menu that are great items to order from the server.

My minnies really enjoyed the Bento Box with Teriyaki chicken.   It's served stacked in a cute little box, but actually has a good amount of food in it.

Wasabi is a fun alternative to the mall food court and offers a unique experience. They just opened a second location in Natick, Massachusetts, too.

In other exciting news, I want to thank everyone who entered the Lilly Pulitzer personalized ice bucket giveaway from The Monogram Merchant.

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Happy Saturday!


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  1. Looks fun and delicious! We went to a conveyor belt sushi place in England that we loved and fortunately found a similar one here in Germany.

  2. Fun! We're getting one here in Connecticut soon.

  3. This is just normal for me. Such is the life of a southern prep who spends as much time in Japan as he does in Texas.

    There's a great place called KappaZushi that I love:

    (It's all in Japanese, of course, but the flash stuff is still pretty cool to look at).

    On a related note to your blog specifically, I'm descended from the Pooles of Maryland (John Poole of Poolesville, MD is my great great something something grandfather).

  4. Thanks for your comment Kionon. It's fun to see the different interpretations of "sushi." When I was living in Mexico, I enjoyed the rolls with peppers and other spices.

    Very interesting about your family. Poolesville is not too far from me.

  5. I'll have to check out the one in Natick, MA. This looks like a fun spot!



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