Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pretty Preppy Ribbon!

Where do you buy ribbon and wrapping paper? You could buy anywhere, but where do you go if you need to buy hundreds of yards of ribbon? If you’re a bride, party planner, store owner, or someone who loves beautiful things at an amazing cost, you’ll love the Offray Ribbon Outlet.

Last year, I told you about my trip where I stocked up on gorgeous grosgrain ribbon. I still have so much of that ribbon and love to use it everywhere! Yesterday I made the trip to the outlet because I’m planning the minnies’ 10th birthday party and a baby shower for my sister.

At the Offray Ribbon Outlet you can find ribbon in all widths, textures, materials, and colors. I’m partial to grosgrain and satin, but there are ribbons for every purpose at the store.  I should have put my finger in the picture so that you could see how incredibly huge these rolls of ribbon are. Wouldn't you love a roll of ribbon that is the size of a pizza and contains hundreds of yards?

The prices for these pizza sized rolls of ribbon ranged from $1.99 to $5.99! I’ve paid that for a yard of standard, non-exciting ribbon at a local craft store!

Make your gift even prettier with some pre-made streamers, bows, and embellishments for packages. I had to pick up a bunch of these bows that are about the size of my hand. They’re perfect for birthday presents for the minnies’ friends and add so much to a gift’s presentation. Meanwhile, I’ve seen these in stores for several dollars each, and at the outlet, they’re only 10 cents! Anytime I can get a 90% discount or more, it’s a good thing.

Although I generally try not to give gift cards as a present, these little gift card boxes would make a sweet presentation. You could also hide a pair of small earrings or a necklace in the box.

Tissue paper of all colors is also a huge bargain at the outlet. The gingham tissue paper is adorable!

I always like to keep a supply of wrapping paper and ribbon at home for impromptu gifts. Wrapping paper is also an adorable way to make book covers for school books. It’s never too early to plan for holiday gift giving, so I stocked up on some wrapping paper. The plain wrapping paper is heavy weight, but I also love the specialty foil paper. The cost? 100 feet for $2.99 of specialty paper!

Some of my favorite preppy stores might be interested to learn that the outlet also sells huge rolls of wrapping paper at very low prices. I'm talking about those huge rolls you see in the Neiman Marcus wrapping department at Christmas!  These would be gorgeous for wrapping presents all year or during the holidays. Wrapping presents in a local shopping center is an excellent fundraiser and with prices like these, your organization could stock up on supplies now!

I have to confess that I did get some of the green and white striped wrapping paper. It's preppy and pretty. So if you're getting a gift from me in the near future, you'll be able to recognize it from the paper!

Brides love the sheer tulle ribbon! The brand name on these spools is Target Club Wedd, so perhaps Offray is the manufacturer for Target's private label. These are a tremendous bargain for the budget conscious bride - 60 yards for $2.99! You could fill a church with bows and ribbon with these prices.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll slowly reveal the gorgeous ribbon I purchased for the birthday party and baby shower and show you my creations. The outlet is just about a little bit more than an hour away from Baltimore and Washington and is well worth the drive to stock up on supplies.

Now the fun begins because I’m going to work on the favors and d├ęcor!

Have a wonderful day!


Planning tips: 
The Offray Ribbon Outlet is located at 857 Willow Circle in Hagerstown, Maryland.  There are no public restrooms at the outlet.  Preppy friends will also be happy to note that there is a Kate Spade Outlet just a few miles away in the Premium Outlets. 

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  1. I can't even tell you how excited I got reading this post - I am SO going to this place. I get to Balt and DC for work quite often (live in Philly) and this is going to be a visit on the next trip. Thx so much for sharing !!!

  2. I LOVE this outlet. I can literally fill the trunk for $35. HUGE bags of ribbon! Great post Bethany!

  3. Wow! This place sounds incredible. I wish we had a place like that over here!

  4. The outlet sounds like so much fun! I'm sure I could do some real damage to my wallet there :)

  5. Oh wow, I may have to visit there next time I'm up that way. What town is it in?

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. How lucky are you to be so close?!?

  7. WOW! I have always heard that this was well worth the trip and now I really believe it. May have to add it to this weekend's agenda! :D

  8. Bethany, I went here for the first time last month and was in heaven. (I posted a few pictures on my blog.) It looks like there were so many more things on your trip that I may have to go back. :-)

  9. Thanks for sharing! Can't get over the deals, jealous!!!



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