Tuesday, September 20, 2011

25 Free Personal Business Cards

Imagine the scene. You’ve met someone fabulous and want to share your contact information with him or her. Then you have to awkwardly pause to figure out how to add contact information to your phone. Save time, stop fumbling with your phone, and present a fantastic image with Mommy Cards.

The uber chic playground set uses Mommy Cards to schedule play dates and leave contact information with babysitters or friends. You don’t have children? No problem. There are a million uses for “Mommy Cards.”

Sometimes it’s not appropriate to give a business card to someone in a non-work situation. For example, if you’re a lawyer, you might not want everyone you meet to ask for unsolicited (free) legal advice. Or if you’re attending a job fair, you obviously wouldn’t want to distribute your current work business card.

Personal business cards are a perfect solution.

Fabulous Uses for Personal Business Cards:
~ Medical needs and allergies are clearly marked on adorable cards that are fabulous to give to party hosts or babysitters.
~ Pet Mommies can take these cards to the dog park and share them with new friends.
~ Summer Camp cards for kids help them stay in touch with new friends at camp or on sports teams.
~ Slide a card in your luggage to easily identify your bag.
~ Bloggers present a professional image with high quality introduction cards.
~ Share your volunteer activities with others.
~ Moving? Share cards with your new address with friends.

Hopsy shared a fantastic deal from Minted.com with me a while ago.  Once I received my cards, I knew that I had to share this amazing deal with you, too!  You can get 25 free Mommy cards using this link at Minted.com.

This special offer ends on September 23, so act quickly. You can also choose to get 25 additional cards, 50 total, for only $5 plus shipping. I ordered some cards from Minted and am incredibly impressed with the quality of the items. The paper is a substantial weight and I love the printed back of the card.

These are my blogger cards. The printed reverse side of the cards is free of charge! You can personalize everything on the card from color to font.

And these are my Mommy cards. The cards arrive in an adorable little box that is perfect to keep in a purse or tote.

I would love to see which designs you choose!



  1. Hi! Mine just came in today - yippee! I will post them later :)

  2. i got them too. i should have ordered more :(



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