Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall, I've decided that I like you!

Hello Fall! I’m really starting to like you. I eagerly wait for summer all year long and enjoy the warm weather and the sun on my face, but I’ve decided that I really like fall.

There are a lot of activities outdoors from jumping in leaves, to fairs and harvest festivals, to football games. My children probably spend more time playing outside during the fall than any other season and as a family, we're in the great outdoors almost every weekend.  After all, I’m a fabulous football spectator as a tailgater in 60 degree weather!

After years of saying that summer was my favorite season, fall is edging it out as my number one pick. Definitively, winter is completely out of the running because I really dislike snow and cold weather. Spring used to be ok, but honestly, it is so incredibly cold (and snowy!) here until mid-April, that spring is just a cruel extension of winter. Maryland probably has 2 or 3 days of “spring-like” weather before the heat and humidity arrives. Those two days usually come just before Preakness.

But fall. Oh fall. Warm sunny days, with just a hint of cool air from time to time are perfect for wearing a cute sweater or pashmina without needing a heavy jacket. Fall clothing is so pretty and so soft. I love the sweaters and soft knits. 

Fall isn't a day at the beach or the pool, but it is special and fun in ways that summer can never be. I'm glad that fall is here.

Happy First Day of Fall!

What do you like about fall?


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  1. Sorry, I can't get on the Autumn bandwagon. Spring is my favorite season because it is so full of hope and promise. Summer is my next favorite because I can spend so much time outdoors and the scenery is so lush.

    Fall is okay (we won't discuss icy and snowy winter with snowstorms that knock out power and block roads), but give me Spring or Summer. :-)

  2. We are certainly two peas, peep, because I just announced this week that I now love fall more than summer. Too much heat and humidity ruined it for me!

  3. I'm a Fall Girl myself. I survived my first Summer in Savannah and am SO happy to welcome Fall!

  4. No longer live in New England so I dearly appreciate the foliage photos!

    Fall in New England (only!) is one of my favorite seasons!

    Enjoy! Thanks for sharing---

  5. new follower :)love ur blog!!! i used some of ur pics in my post about fall today... hope u dont mind!! have a great weekend!!

  6. Fall is my favorite!!!!! I love it! I just decorated the inside of the house today. A little early, but it makes me so happy :)

  7. @Carole ~ Our springs are so cold and snowy and then all of a sudden it is summer, so I never see spring.

    @Caitlin ~ I know! I've changed all of a sudden and am enjoying fall tremendously.

    @Penny Pinching ~ Welcome and thanks for following!

    Have a great day, everyone!



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