Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kate Spade at 80% Off

Just in time for fall formals and holiday parties, I have the best news to share with you! Starting today, Kate Spade is now available online at Rent the Runway. Remember that I introduced you to Rent the Runway a while ago?

Why buy a spend a small fortune on a brand new dress that you will only wear once? Rent styles from the current season at about 80-90% off the retail price.

Here's a sneak peek at what Rent the Runway has for you today.

So how does Rent the Runway work? Choose your dress, in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit, by date and zip code. The dress arrives in a garment bag that is yours to keep along with a fit kit.

After you are finished with the dress, return it in the pre-paid envelope and drop it in any blue mail box. That's it! No need to worry about dry cleaning or anything else.

While your picking up a pretty party dress, be sure to check out their jewelry and bags for a total look.

Here are my favorite Kate Spade dresses from Rent the Runway:

P.S. Rent the Runway has Lilly Pulitzer, too!



  1. WHAT so exciting!!! I am so excited to try Rent the Runway, and even more so now knowing Kate's on there!

  2. Well that's exciting!!!! Good to know :) Thanks for the tip!

  3. This is so exciting. Now, iif I had just not had the worst experience EVER with RTR (think receiving an EMPTY box the day before a HUGE gala and then being told they could not fix the issue because they do not ship overnight on Fridays) I would be doing this! I LOVE all the KS items they are getting :)

  4. OH NO! That's terrible about the empty box. :(

    I do love all of the Kate Spade. Perfect for someone who has a lot of functions to attend.



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