Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Target: Ransacked

You probably spent some time in Target today looking for the Missoni for Target line that launched today. Perhaps you were lucky enough to get online before the website crashed.

Your local Target probably looks like mine...ransacked.

The demand greatly exceeded the supply for Missoni for Target. Hopefully, new deliveries will arrive soon, because there is nothing left for Target to sell.

No pretty melamine plates, cups, or trays...

No adorable carry on luggage...

No chic accessories...

No home goods to revitalize your home...

In fact, the only areas of the entire store that had more than one or two items were in the childrens' shoe and clothing departments.

There are a few scattered ballet flats and rain boots for little girls...

And a decent amount of clothing...

What did you find online or in stores at Target today?



  1. There was an employee unpacking a box and three ladies blocking the aisle going through it! But, my Target did have a lot of other stuff that I noticed. I just thought it was funny that they were digging through it while she unpacked!

  2. I went at 9am and there were people already in line with carts full of stuff. I only found a skirt that I liked but will have to go back for the girl clothes.

  3. Just got back from there….NOTHING!!!!

  4. this is exactly what my target looked like and i actually thought it was so bare because they hadn't put it up yet. silly me!

  5. i cannot help but think the real winner today was the target pr machine! it got a lot of americans, who probably have never purchased a missioni item in their life, to purchase in bulk!

  6. I didn't even try to shop after the debacle on the website! :-). xoxo

  7. I actually must be in the minority and do not care for Missoni .. all those zig-zags are just not my style.

  8. Not one piece of Missoni left in the Macon, Georgia, Target at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13! I thought I had the wrong day so I asked a clerk. She told me all Missoni was 'SOLD OUT" by 9 a.m. and they did $16,000 in business between 8 and 9. I can't believe it. Worse than Black Friday at Wal Mart! And that's saying something,



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